Major predictors of poverty in Pima County are minority status, youth, single-parent families and low levels of education.

That's true many places, and the statistics show it's certainly the case here.

More than 45 percent of American Indians in the county live below the poverty line, but only about 13 percent of whites do, according to 2011 American Community Survey data.

For Hispanics, the proportion living in poverty is 30 percent. For blacks, it's slightly less - 23.5 percent.

Children experience far greater rates of poverty in Pima County than seniors do.

In 2011, 30 percent of Pima County kids lived in poverty, but only 8 percent of seniors did.

The families headed by single moms experience dramatically elevated poverty rates.

Almost 41 percent of Pima County's single-mom families were impoverished. In contrast, 9 percent of married-couple households were.

Education levels track closely with wage, unemployment and poverty figures.

Of Pima County residents 25 and older, almost 31 percent of high school dropouts lived in poverty. The number drops to 7 percent for college graduates.

About 13 percent of Pima County residents age 25 to 34 had less than a high-school education.

More than half of job seekers appealing to Pima County One-Stop Career Center from July 2010 to October 2011 scored below a 9th-grade level for math. About 13 percent demonstrated less than a fifth-grade proficiency overall.

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