The summer monsoon made an early, yet welcome, arrival Saturday in the Tucson area.

The storm blew through  with thunder, lightning, hail and strong gusts that kicked up dust in parts of the city, the National Weather Service said.

Tucson International Airport received 0.29 inches of rain, said Mic Sherwood, a meteorologist with the weather service.

The storm came from the direction of Sonoita before making its way across Vail, the east side and other areas.

The west side also received widespread rain, along with reports of broken tree limbs, Sherwood said.

Marana and Picture Rocks reported significant hail, he said. In some parts of town, the hail was so big it piled up on the ground like snow.

There were reports of decreased visibility due to dust on the west side and in Marana.

The weather service reported unofficial readings of 45 mph gusts around the city from weather spotters, he said.

The high temperature reached 100 Saturday, but dropped to the low 80s after the rain.

But don’t get used to the respite from the heat. This week is expected to be a scorcher, with highs over 100 degrees and perhaps as high as 108.