A plane carrying two off-duty Ocean City, Md., police officers crashed into the Atlantic Sunday, killing both men. The dead were identified as Thomas J. Geoghegan Jr., 43, who was believed to be the pilot, and Joshua D. Adickes, 27.



Son of 'Mo' Udall missing on hike

DENVER - Search and rescue crews were combing the Wind River Range in Wyoming looking for Randy Udall - the son of the late Tucson Congressman Morris K. "Mo" Udall - who had not reported in after a solo backpacking trip, The Denver Post reports.

"He is missing," Sublette County sheriff's spokesman Steve Smith told the Post. "He was supposed to be back on the 26th. We were notified on the 28th."

Former Tucsonan Randy Udall, 61, is the brother of U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colorado.

Randy Udall, who lives in Carbondale, is an experienced backpacker who has hiked in the Wind River Range many times over the past 30 years, authorities said.

District of Columbia

Changes urged after five near collisions

WASHINGTON - Five near collisions - four of them last year - involving airliners that aborted landings prompted the National Transportation Safety Board to call Monday for changes in air-traffic-control procedures.

In a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration, the board said aborted landings are placing planes on converging flight paths, forcing pilots to execute evasive maneuvers at a low altitude to avoid a potential collision.

The board cited four such near collisions last year: two in Las Vegas, and one each in New York and Charlotte, N.C. There was also a similar near collision in Las Vegas in 2006. In each case, the pilot of at least one of the planes swiftly changed course to avoid a possible midair collision.

New York

Suburban mother released in pot case

NEW YORK - A suburban mother charged with growing thousands of marijuana plants worth millions of dollars was freed on $500,000 bond on Monday despite a federal magistrate judge's misgivings about her finances and about the friends who stepped up to co-sign for her.

Authorities said that since Andrea Sanderlin's arrest she has refused to answer questions about how she bankrolled an upscale lifestyle in Westchester County, just north of New York City, before she was arrested and jailed in May. The case immediately drew comparisons to the recent Showtime series "Weeds," about the exploits of a California woman who supported her family by dealing pot.


Transit strike causes fits in the Bay area

OAKLAND - Commuters around the San Francisco Bay area on Monday were left stuck in freeway gridlock, cramming onto standing-room-only buses and cursing the first BART labor shutdown since 1997.

About 200,000 people who ride Bay Area Rapid Transit daily - about 5 percent of the Bay Area commuter pool - were left scrambling to find other ways to get around as all BART trains remained shut down following the end of service early Monday.

BART and its unions saw their four-year contract expire overnight after three months of failed negotiations. A strike will continue indefinitely until BART management and the two unions representing 2,300 workers reach a deal.


6-year-old boy rides 3 miles on van roof

ANCHORAGE - A 6-year-old boy climbed on top of his parents' minivan and rode it for three miles down a highway before he fell off, Alaska State Troopers said.

Trooper spokeswoman Beth Ipsen told the Anchorage Daily News the boy has apparently gone for roof rides before, hanging on to the bars mounted on the minivan. The boy suffered cuts and bruises in the fall. Another motorist picked him up, drove him to a gas station and called 911. Ipsen said no one has been charged with a traffic violation or crime.

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