Monroe, a Western lowland gorilla, celebrated his second birthday Monday at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with a multicolored ice cake of fruits and vegetables with yam and banana frosting, ginger leaves and flowers.


New Jersey

Traveler is arrested after disrupting flight

NEWARK - A man loudly ranted about national security, the CIA and international spying aboard a flight from Hong Kong to Newark Monday, causing passengers to tackle him and bind his hands and feet for the duration of the flight.

The FBI met United Airlines Flight 116 as it landed at Newark Liberty International Airport Monday around 1:30 p.m., passengers said, and escorted the man off the airliner.

The man's name has not been released but passengers described him as American. Passengers said he started screaming about 9 hours into the 15-hour flight about being afraid of the FBI and fearing he was going to be killed. He asked that the flight be diverted to Canada.


Still no Jimmy Hoffa after 1st day of search

OAKLAND TOWNSHIP - Federal agents revived the hunt for the remains of Jimmy Hoffa on Monday, digging around in a suburban Detroit field where a reputed Mafia captain says the Teamsters boss's body was buried.

Authorities used excavation equipment to root around in the Oakland Township property, about 25 miles north of Detroit. The FBI halted the search for the day at about 7 p.m., and planned to resume their efforts on Tuesday. The union leader disappeared in 1975.


Komen cancer charity names a new CEO

DALLAS - Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced Monday that a physician with a long career in health policy and research will become the breast cancer charity's new president and CEO.

Judith A. Salerno will replace Nancy Brinker as CEO of the Dallas-based organization. Brinker, whose promise to her dying sister begat a fundraising powerhouse that has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in cancer research, announced last summer she would step down following an onslaught of criticism over Komen's decision - quickly reversed - to stop giving grants to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screenings.


No medical negligence in penile implant

WILMINGTON - A jury ruled Monday there was no medical negligence in a penile-implant procedure that the patient said left him with an 8-month erection.

The New Castle County Superior Court jury decided that urologist Dr. Thomas Desperito was not negligent in the procedure he performed in December 2009 on 44-year-old truck driver Daniel Metzgar.

The News Journal of Wilmington reported that during the weeklong trial, Metzgar testified that his constant erection drew taunts from family and friends, as well as stares, slurs and threats from strangers. He testified that the procedure caused him to withdraw from much of life, wearing long, baggy sweat pants and a long shirt to hide his condition.

Metzgar had the prosthesis removed in August 2010, after tubing from the device punctured his scrotum.


Man guilty over lie that led to shooting

PASADENA - A man who made a 911 call that ended with Pasadena police fatally shooting a college student pleaded guilty Monday to making a false report.

Oscar Carrillo was sentenced to 90 days in jail after pleading guilty to two misdemeanor false-reporting charges. Carrillo told a dispatcher last year that he was robbed at gunpoint by two young men. He mentioned a gun eight times during the 911 call.

Responding officers shot 19-year-old Kendrec McDade, who was unarmed. Carrillo later acknowledged he lied about guns to get a faster police response.

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