The Pack Rat tries to take cover in the Tucson Country Club neighborhood. Pack rats are know for eating just about everything, from electrical wires, to destroying gardens and landscaping and this one ended up escaping. Photo by David Sanders/Arizona Daily Star. #149740.

David Sanders/Arizona Daily Star

According to various calendars of silly holidays and odd observances, May 17 is National Pack Rat Day.

Really, we're celebrating pack rats? Those creatures that broke my car by eating through some wiring?

As it turns out the pack rats celebrated today are the human kind. May 17 is the day they are supposed to do something about it; clean a closet or two perhaps.

If you're not a pack rat or don't intend to mend your ways, there are some other observances you can celebrate instead and most are quite palatable:

  • National Cherry Cobbler Day
  • National Walnut Day
  • World Baking Day
  • World Telecommunications Day
  • World Hypertension Day

We freely admit the list may not be complete and it's a free country. You can celebrate whatever you want to celebrate.

I'll go preheat the oven now. Later I'll make a phone call and remind someone to take his blood pressure medication.