NEW YORK - That cliché about awards says it's an honor just to be nominated.

But what about all the worthies overlooked each year? Are they being dishonored by Emmy's neglect?

HBO's magnificent "Treme"? Jilted yet again. Same for AMC's "The Walking Dead" and HBO's "True Blood." Showtime's "Dexter" was shut out, too.

Anyone who saw Tatiana Maslany in BBC America's "Orphan Black" was floored by her multiple roles as identical women revealed to be clones. But Emmy shut its eyes.

FX's motorcycle drama "Sons of Anarchy" continues to get Emmy's cold shoulder, despite riveting performances. And what about "The Americans," FX's splendid Cold War-era thriller?

Is there any point in lamenting a second year that Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman were forgotten along with their great work for AMC's "The Killing"?

Kevin Bacon's entry into series TV was received with excitement when Fox's serial-killer drama "The Following" debuted earlier this year, but it was "hold the Bacon" at the Emmys.

What a difference a year makes: Fox's comedy "New Girl" landed two Emmy nominations last season but none on Thursday.

Jon Cryer, last year's best-actor winner for the CBS comedy "Two and a Half Men," was shut out of a nomination this year.