The Arizona Daily Star hopes the next shooter may only get 10 victims instead of 19. We think that's flawed math. It's also a placebo in place of real action to save lives. If you can't prevent shooters' commission of murder, how do you preclude their magazines?

Each demand for limits on guns drives panicked buyers to the marketplace, according to John Leavitt, assistant Tucson police chief. According to him, TPD is having difficulty finding new Glock magazines due to "supply problems."

Banning full-capacity magazines bears with it the stink of punishing the innocent for the acts of the guilty, but that's gun control for you.

Some irrational folks out there think that you make us safer by disarming the victims. Then they dance in the blood of the disarmed victims to achieve more "gun control," when "previous methods" didn't work.

Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again, expecting a different result.

Let's point out that gun control never works. Retired INS Senior Special Agent Michael Cutler, who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., says a criminal can acquire a handgun there in one of the most "gun-controlled environments in the nation," in minutes. The legal gun owner must take months, and may not succeed.

Is it impolitic to point out that nuts and criminals will always get guns, no matter what you do? Somewhere out there right now, several people have guns who shouldn't. That won't change.

What to do?

In Arizona, we have the finest training academies in the world. You can learn to use a gun defensively, and take responsibility for your own life. This is especially true once you realize that there is no constitutional duty for police to protect you.

Will you be a sitting duck, or a first responder? In Arizona, it's your choice.

The Tucson shooter spent 31 seconds shooting. The standard for neutralizing an active shooter at seven yards is 1.9 seconds, from concealment, with two shots to the center of mass. That's our kind of math. It also knocks out the argument of hitting innocent bystanders, something that is very rare, according to Dr. John Lott author of"More Guns, Less Crime."

The Star doesn't want to trust civilians with "assault weapons." The AR-15, the M1-A, and other civilian rifles, are not assault weapons by Department of Defense definition. They are not select fire, or full auto. Calling them such is just poor journalism. The AR-15 (civilian version of current military rifle) is the most popular sporting, hunting, target, and defense rifle in the U.S., according to the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI). Millions are in civilian hands, as well they should be.

Going after them and normal, common-variety sidearms like Glocks, Sig Sauers and Rugers, attempts to limit a legal product in the name of "safety." Safety is neither defined nor achieved by this. Their similarity to military look-alikes is cosmetic. They function like your granddad's hunting rifle.

If you want "safety," do three things:

1) Secure Arizona buildings, per Senate Bill 1201: Put metal detectors and two armed guards on building entrances, or let the people protect themselves. That's how the Holocaust Museum stopped a shooter in 2009.

2) Learn defensive tactics, and make sure there are armed, trained people around our congressional representatives. They need not be cops, just well-trained and alert.

3) Find a way to direct mentally ill people to help, without precluding their rights.

The only effective way to respond to unlawful violence is with lawful deadly force. Time for some more of us to get trained.

Charles Heller is secretary of the Arizona Citizens Defense League and radio host of "America Armed & Free" on AM 1030 KVOI, Tucson.