Gavriela Fine: Iran

2013-12-11T00:00:00Z Gavriela Fine: IranBy Gavriela Fine Special to the Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star

On Nov. 23, the P5+1 (the US, UK, China, Russia, France, and Germany) participated in negotiations with Iran in order to put a stop to the regime’s nuclear program. It is crucial that the United States not only make certain of full Iranian compliance with the agreement, but also ensure that any ultimate deal deny Tehran a nuclear weapon capability. It does not matter weather you are a conservative, Democrat, black or white, Christian or Muslim, a nuclear capable Iran will affect you and needs to be stopped. As you read, Iran continues to spin centrifuges and enrich uranium way beyond the levels needed for fuel, and continues to draw closer each day to achieving nuclear capabilities.

Just as disturbing as Iran’s history of lying about its nuclear program, is the fact that it has for years been supplying deadly weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan, Shiite extremists in Iraq, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and now Al Qaeda affiliates in Syria. Many Americans have died at the hands of Iranian terror tactics. How many more American lives will be at risk if Iran’s arsenal has the capacity for mass destruction?

If Iran successfully develops nuclear capabilities, a potential nuclear arms race could develop in the Middle East, which would cause further instability in the already volatile region. Countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia have already begun maneuvering to acquire nuclear weapons in response to Iran’s ambitions.

I, along with the majority of Americans, want diplomacy to succeed; however, we must remember that we were only able to get Iran to the negotiation table by implementing hard-hitting sanctions that were voted for by Congress and implemented by the administration. The tentative agreement made by the United States is unrealistic: The United States cannot agree to lift sanctions until the centrifuges are dismantled and enrichment efforts are halted. An effective deal will not and cannot be made until Iran ends its pursuit of nuclear weapons. It is vital that Congress continues to strengthen current sanctions in order to give our negotiators the leverage they need to ensure a just deal and to make clear there will be consequences if the Iranian regime continues its undeniable pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Gavriela Fine is a sophomore at the University of Arizona studying business and political science. Contact her at

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