And now a word from an actual Obamacare user.

Let’s dispel the misconception that Obamacare is for poor people; my need for health insurance stemmed from the loss of coverage when my husband, a retired Tucson Police Department officer, reached 65 and his coverage through the city of Tucson was terminated because he is now covered under Medicare.

I am a self-employed programmer/analyst with a child under the age of 21 living with us. Together my husband and I earn significantly more than the median income.

Yet we could not have afforded insurance for me and my daughter in an unregulated marketplace. Cigna wanted a crippling, mortgage-sized payment to continue our coverage. If we had to purchase new insurance in an open market, we would surely have been denied coverage because who among us has reached the age of 62 without some sort of pre-existing condition?

I went to the federal marketplace site and within 30 minutes I obtained coverage. The site was easy to navigate and understandable. The coverage I got was equal to or better than the coverage that Cigna was offering me and at less than half the cost.

The plan I chose is a Health Net plan and contrary to expectations, I have had nothing but a very positive experience with this company.

It has guided me through this every step of the way with materials that are clear, concise and helpful. I have had no problems finding providers who accept my insurance.

Do I wish the cost was lower? Yes, I do. Could I have chosen a less comprehensive plan and saved money? Yes, I could have. I would like to think though that my higher premiums are making it possible for someone else less advantaged to have access to health care. If it helps just one mother who needs health insurance for a child, then it’s worth it to me.

Please, don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.

Janet Schaefer is owner and president of SFB Software Design LLC, which specializes in law enforcement training records management and testing. Contact her at