America needs immigration policy for the 21st century,” an editorial published in the Star June 22, is just another example of our Tucson newspaper spouting illogical rhetoric to show its disdain for our laws and sovereignty while professing its love for compassion and humane action.

Compassion and love of humanity are both wonderful traits, but much of our liberal population is very misguided and off the track concerning our illegal-immigration problem.

This article shows us why thousands of young people are leaving Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras and lets us know that our president has pledged $93 million to those countries to assist them in stopping the gang violence and poverty that are causing this crisis.

The last paragraph of the article pretty much says it all: “Creating a pathway to legal status for unauthorized immigrants already in the country and constructing a way for people to legally come and work is the only way to stem the tide of migrants trying to enter the U.S. anyway they can.”

The falsehood of this statement should be obvious to anyone who is willing to open their minds to the reality of the situation. The way to stem the tide of “migrants” trying to enter the U.S. is simply to get serious about doing so.

Put our military on the border in sufficient numbers to stop virtually anyone from illegally entering our nation, and that part of the problem is solved.

Then, detain and deport everyone we know is here illegally and a great many of those living in the shadows will follow them back to their countries of origin.

The icing on the cake would be to refuse any benefits to anyone who could not prove they are here legally, including having a job, getting free health care, food stamps, unemployment checks or any other perks we are now illegally providing them.

These steps would rid our country of most of its illegal population in short order.

A great many of our elected leaders in Washington reject this notion, shaking their heads and saying, “Look at the message this would send.”

Folks, the only message this would send is that we have finally awakened and are now serious about protecting America from illegal entry, as our law dictates we should.

Frankly, I think that is a great message, one the entire world would respect.

To those people who maintain that “it cannot be done”:

In 1953, when Dwight Eisenhower became the president of our country, there were at least 3 million illegals living here.

Retired Gen. Joseph Swing was appointed head of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service in 1954, and Ike gave him orders to do whatever he deemed necessary to seal the border and get our illegal population back into its home country.

At that time INS consisted of 1,075 agents, and Swing deployed 750 of them to California and Arizona, telling them to apprehend 1,000 illegals per day.

In 60 days they apprehended 50,000, which resulted in an additional half-million illegals leaving the country on their own rather than being arrested.

Swing then assigned them to Texas, and they apprehended another 80,000 and, lo and behold, another 700,000 self-deported.

Eisenhower’s seriousness about illegal immigration resulted in its decrease of 95 percent in the ’50s.

Ike was able to rid us of 3 million illegals using only 1,000 agents, yet we are told that it can’t be done!

Obviously our elected leaders in Washington, those placed there to represent our wishes, don’t want it done.

Is it not far past time to replace these elected officials?

Richard Humphries, 79, is a former law-enforcement officer with the state of Arizona. He lives near the Arizona-Mexico border. Contact him at