Readers: A new way

to give us your views

The Arizona Daily Star welcomes original letters and guest opinions with ideas, viewpoints, criticism and news analysis that encourage discussion on issues with an impact on the community.

Letters and guest opinions will be accepted only by going to and

There, the information you’ll need to include is clearly spelled out. Please note that this is a Web address, not an email address.

At the site, please make sure to include the author’s full name, address, daytime phone, occupation and email address. Personal contact information is not for publication.

If applicable, authors should fully disclose their relationship with any issues, political campaign or candidate.

A separate box is provided to annotate facts. Submissions containing information that cannot be easily verified, libelous statements or name-calling will be rejected.

Any author may have a letter or guest opinion published every 30 days.

Letters should be on a single topic and no more than 160 words. Guest opinions can be up to 600 words and should include a description of the author and a head-and-shoulders photograph. Submissions may be edited for clarity or length.

All submissions become property of the Arizona Daily Star. Only original material bearing the writer’s name and sent exclusively to the Arizona Daily Star will be considered for publication.