Arizona Daily Star cartoonist and columnist David Fitzsimmons lives near the scene of Saturday's shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and other Tucsonans, and went there when he heard about it.

While at the scene, he was interviewed by CNN and said he viewed the shooting as inevitable in a state with an intense gun culture and politics that are to the rabid right.

Later in the afternoon, Fitzsimmons, who considers Giffords a friend, made this statement:

"Today I have offended many with my emotional, partisan and inappropriate remarks, broadcast on CNN, regarding the horror of this day. As Congresswoman Giffords battles for her life let us join in prayer for her, for the dead and for the injured. Reflecting on the moment, I know my remarks would have disappointed Congresswoman Giffords, a public servant who is admired for her nonpartisan, gracious and intelligent approach to public discourse."

Columnists are human and have strong and immediate reactions to awful news, but those are best kept private until facts are known. As Fitzsimmons acknowledged on CNN, he wasn't reporting and didn't know at the time who the shooter was or his motivation.

Both Fitz and the Star apologize.