For a decade, Raúl Grijalva has taken clear and strong positions on controversial issues such as Obamacare, immigration and the environment.

He's also long pushed for better infrastructure and staffing at Arizona's ports of entry - a critical need as Arizona exports lag while states such as Texas enjoy huge growth.

He has championed comprehensive immigration reform, although he says what he thought was a solution eight years ago is not possible now and that change probably needs to be incremental and fashioned through compromise. We agree.

He favors keeping government out of private health decisions regarding female reproduction and supports both the DREAM Act and marriage licenses for same-sex couples. Again, we agree.

However, we do not support other positions, such as his call for a boycott of Arizona in the wake of the state's SB1070 immigration law or his belief that the government should directly create more jobs to help the economy. Private job creation, not more government spending, is the answer.

While we are not aligned with some of his views, Grijalva is by far the best choice to represent District 3. He is the only candidate in the race with specific proposals and a command of the issues.

One of his opponents, Republican Gabriela Saucedo-Mercer, spends most of her time criticizing Democrats without offering detailed positions of her own. And when she does, the rationale sometimes makes no sense.

The Libertarian, Blanca Guerra, confuses us by describing herself as a moderate Republican who is running as a Libertarian to make sure Saucedo-Mercer doesn't win.

In this campaign season, Grijalva has been respectful of his opponents, an observation we cannot make of them. But he hasn't always been that way in Washington - where demonizing the other party has become the norm.

If Grijalva is re-elected to his sixth term, the responsibility for changing the tenor of the debate will fall heavily on him and other senior members of the House.

On the issues, Grijalva best reflects the voters of his district and is well prepared to represent them.