Republican Frank Pratt and Democrat Ernest Bustamante are our choices to represent District 8 in the state House.

We recommend Democrat Barbara McGuire for the Senate seat.

Pratt, a two-term incumbent, has broad support from organizations that include physicians, police, accountants, farmers and the League of Cities and Towns.

He has been a solid advocate for his mostly rural district. "I treat everyone with respect, including those with whom I disagree," he told the Clean Elections Commission

"Overly regulated government controls should be replaced with reasonable measures in order to create a more business-friendly environment," he added.

Bustamante, who previously served in the Legislature, said education and jobs are his top priorities.

He'd favor creating enterprise zones for solar and wind businesses, but he wants it done carefully so that "we aren't just doling out candy to companies."

He said he will reach out to Republicans. "Sooner or later you will find some common ground," he said. That sort of cooperation is sorely needed in the Legislature.

McGuire has served four years in the state House and also is endorsed by a range of groups.

She wants to invest more spending in education and restructure the tax code to build a broader, more diversified base so the state is less dependent on sales taxes.

Pratt, Bustamante and McGuire will use their legislative experience to most effectively represent District 8.

Where it is

District 8 includes Oracle, San Manuel and other parts of Pinal County.