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Inauguration singers mutilated all the songs

Re: the Jan. 31 column "Furor over Beyoncé comes a generation too late."

Leonard Pitts Jr. correctly ridicules those who were "shattered" and "outraged" by Beyoncé's having lip-synced our national anthem at President Obama's inauguration ceremony.

"The Star-Spangled Banner" performed by Beyoncé, "America the Beautiful" performed by James Taylor, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" performed by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, and "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" performed by Kelly Clarkson were subjected to willful mutilation of the original melodies to which the original lyrics were set and to which those original lyrics fit so well.

We listened to "interpreta-tions" and "partial re-composing" of those patriotic songs by well-meaning though untalented "composer-performers" who defied 200 years of tradition to put their own personal, incompetent stamp on those parts of our magnificent national musical heritage.

Those songs don't belong to them - they belong to all of us, and in their original, glorious state, far more beautiful, incidentally, than any "spin" they imposed on their pristine loveliness.

Larry Ross

Retired physician, SaddleBrooke

Hunters don't 'cull' weak, ailing animals

The claim that hunting helps to cull the herd and to improve the overall health of the breed is entirely bogus.

As a former hunter, I can attest to the fact that most hunters attempt to kill the largest and most majestic animal they can get in their gun sights.

Improving the overall health of the breed would mean removing the weak and the sick within the herd. That is not what hunters seek to do.

Whether hunting for food or for a wall trophy, hunters will naturally seek out the healthiest animals to kill.

Tony Banks

Oro Valley

It's time to recall Sen. John McCain

Yes, it's time to recall Sen. John McCain. He is an embarrassment to the United States and to Arizona.

He is a hawk, which we don't need. He's not looking out for Arizona, and hasn't for a long time. He isn't doing anything for our country as a senator.

Let him go home to Cindy and find out which house she is in and where.

Hilda Nichols

Retired, Tucson

Nullification went out in the 1830s, fellas

Re: the Jan. 31 article "Panel passes measure to head off enforcement of US gun laws in AZ."

Republicans in Arizona's Legislature must hate the U.S. and Arizona constitutions. This bill and an identical one in the House sponsored by Republican Reps. Steve Smith and Adam Kwasman in District 11 would outlaw enforcement of federal gun laws. (The Senate version was pulled Monday.)

Their fictitious version of the Second Amendment was rejected by the most conservative U.S. Supreme Court in living memory in an opinion by the most conservative justice, Antonin Scalia (D.C. v. Heller).

Meanwhile, their bills would violate the actual U.S. and Arizona constitutions' separation of powers and supremacy clauses.

Nullification went out in the 1830s, fellas.

State Sen. Don Shooter claimed "a thousand years of tradition" when the sheriff has been the sovereign law enforcer in any realm. His ignorance of history astonishes.

One thousand years ago, Europeans had not seen America and England was ruled by Sven Forkbeard of Denmark, who was not a sheriff.

Grant Winston

Lawyer, Tucson

Walton's commentary was biased vs. Arizona

Did you watch the Arizona versus Washington men's basketball game on Thursday night?

More importantly, did you hear the Bill Walton "commentary"? I think Bill is auditioning for a political analyst job with MSNBC.

How else do you equate the greatness of Michael Jordan with the era of Bill Clinton in the same breath?

I've never heard anyone turn a basketball game into a political statement.

Not to mention his obvious anti-Arizona bias. It must be because Lute Olson and Arizona basketball somehow kept his son Luke from making more than the $6.1 million he'll make this season. Amazing.

Eldon Housley

Cowboy poet/singer, Tucson

Nice to see thoughtful Krauthammer column

Re: the Feb. 1 column "Let's not repeat '86 immigration-amnesty blunder."

I am assuming the Star has been hacked, as when I read Charles Krauthammer's article in this morning's edition there was only one slight little dig at President Obama.

This was actually a thoughtful, fairly unbiased opinion on immigration and border control, not the usual demagoguery against all things Democratic, and specifically Barack Obama, that I am used to in his columns.

I know he is a well-respected and intelligent writer, so it was good to read an article reflecting that, and not his usual childish tantrums against all things Obama!

Matteo Dinero


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