Pretty neat:

She said, “I wish.”

They said, “So it shall be.”

We’re talking here about school teachers who need certain classroom supplies that aren’t provided by their schools — and about the generous Tucsonans who granted their wishes.

This happened over the last several weeks at Ms Fit Health Club, 7788 E. Speedway, where for the second year teacher-members were invited to draw up wish lists. The health club made up a master shopping list, and its members were asked to kick in what they could.

It turns out that what they could kick in over the course of the four-week drive was “everything on the list, plus some,” says Ms Fit owner Annette Simper. “It went so well, we’re making it a tradition.”

The drive aims to “help the teacher who has to provide her own supplies to run her classroom properly,” Simper says.

Nationwide, 90-plus percent of public school teachers dig into their own pockets and spend an average of almost $500 each for needed supplies, according to the National School Supply and Equipment Association, which conducts an annual survey.

Thirteen Ms Fit teachers who participated won’t have to tap their own bank accounts. They received donated construction and copy paper, colored pencils, hand sanitizer, and preschool classroom must-haves like “stickers and wiggly eyes,” says Simper.

A member also wrote about the special needs of refugee students enrolled at Doolen Middle School. “Those students had no supplies, so she asked for 10 three-ring binders, filler paper, pencils. We got double what she asked for and we threw in some extra supplies, like hand sanitizer, too,” says Simper.

As we said, pretty neat.