Star endorsement stories

The Arizona Daily Star is making endorsements in the races we consider most significant and competitive.

Endorsement: Pima County sheriff

We believe that Mark Napier is the best candidate to lead the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

Endorsement: Pima County Board of Supervisors, Dist. 1

The Star endorses Nancy Young Wright for the Pima County Board of Supervisors. She has a lengthy track record of effective public service as a volunteer and elected official. She is the right fit for District 1.

Endorsement: Pima County Board of Supervisors, Dist. 3

Incumbent Sharon Bronson, a Democrat, is our choice for re-election to the Pima County Board of Supervisors from District 3. The area includes much of western Pima County.

TUSD Governing Board: Choose Stegeman, Putnam-Hidalgo and Ellinwood

The Arizona Daily Star endorses Mark Stegeman, Betts Putnam-Hidalgo and Ralph Ellinwood for the Tucson Unified School District Governing Board.

PCC Board of Governors: Change is imperative; vote for Lee and Fridena

Voters should turn the incumbents on the Pima Community College board out of office for two reasons: They have failed to oversee the college administration despite warning signs that something was terribly wrong, and the challengers are highly qualified people with experience that will help …

Endorsement: District 2 House

Republican John Christopher Ackerley and Democrat Rosanna Gabaldón are our choices for the state House from District 2.

Endorsement: District 8 Senate, House

Republican Frank Pratt and Democrat Ernest Bustamante are our choices to represent District 8 in the state House.

Endorsement: District 9 Senate, House

We endorse Democrat Mohur Sarah Sidhwa and Republican Ethan Orr to represent the state House from District 9.

Endorsement: District 10 Senate, House

Arizonans in District 10 have the opportunity to send to the State Senate a man with a record of advocating for children and families as a lawmaker and professional, who builds consensus rather than picking fights and who sees firsthand how economic prosperity is connected to education, heal…

Endorsement: District 11 Senate, House

An effective lawmaker finds collaborative solutions to Arizona's complicated issues, such as public education, economic development, health care. Productive legislators remember that they represent not only people who think as they do, but also those who hold other opinions. They forge allia…

Endorsement: District 14 Senate, House

Voters in Legislative District 14 have two experienced legislators to choose between to represent them in the state Senate. The best choice, we believe, is Pat Fleming.

Endorsement: Congress District 1

The biggest challenge facing the federal government is to get spending and debt under control without eviscerating Social Security, Medicare and other safety nets.

Endorsement: Congress District 2

Ron Barber has been a congressman for four months. In that time, he has demonstrated independence and thoughtfulness and an affinity for public engagement.

Endorsement: Congress District 3

For a decade, Raúl Grijalva has taken clear and strong positions on controversial issues such as Obamacare, immigration and the environment.

Endorsement: US Senate

The next person who will represent our state in the U.S. Senate must be effective on the national stage on immigration reform, education and fiscal policy.

Endorsement: Prop. 115

Voters should reject Proposition 115 because it would concentrate the governor's power to appoint judges.

Endorsement: Prop. 121

We urge a "no" vote on Proposition 121, a well-intentioned but flawed proposal to change the way Arizona conducts elections.

Endorsement: Prop. 204

When it comes to doing something to boost our state out of the cellar of student achievement and funding, the Republican-led Arizona Legislature takes a pass. Worse yet, lawmakers cut the budget, diverting money from a 1-cent sales tax that voters approved to protect public education.

Endorsement: Prop. 409

The Star supports the sale of $100 million in bonds to repair Tucson streets.