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Re: Gov. Brewer turning Child Protective Services into a separate Cabinet-level agency named the Division of Child Safety and Family Services.

She has torn money from any child-related project for years even when the voters tried to protect it and now she wants to fund CPS after it’s being investigated. I feel sorry for the people who have worked so hard with so little budget under her administration.

Ginger Kreutzer

I hope she plans on funding this “new” department better than she did the last one.

Marie Pacheco

I would strongly suggest the governor take a look at Adult Protective Services as well.

Bill Raley

The guv will soon find that the problems will not easily go away, as the root cause is not enough money to hire enough caseworkers to handle all the instances of child abuse and parental misbehavior.

Mike Barker

The Dems are mad because they weren’t involved in the decision. We need it to get done, not get talked about while children are being harmed. Way to go, Jan. 

Jay Cabrera

Re: Republican lawmakers want public funds to defend SB 1070 challenges.

If MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) is harassing people based on their actions as state legislators, the state should certainly provide them with legal counsel. If you have never received a subpoena, it’s a frightening thing and you would want legal counsel, too. How would you like some antagonistic lawyer digging through your entire online life for the last 10 years?

Jerel McDonald

I reckon a lot of Republican congressmen are busy going through their personal emails deleting things right now.

Stephen Wilson

No money for this. They have made their bed and can lie in it.

Charles Smith

This is a case where individuals are being asked to provide a litany of information in a fairly blatant fishing expedition by the plaintiffs. It appears to be more about intimidation than gaining information. ... Private citizens are subjected to this regularly and spend their own money trying to stop the fishing expeditions. On the other hand, these individuals were elected officials during the time the law was debated and passed. The state, in defending the law itself, must respond to the tactics of the plaintiffs.

Rich Kronberg

Re: Rio Nuevo to ask state for more freedom to spend.

Rio Nuevo worked so well the last time, why not try it again? I mean it’s not like the money is needed for anything else, right?

Bill Eldon

Rio Nuevo seems to know how to waste money, and lots of it. Shut them down and put together people who want to improve downtown Tucson but not waste money.  ... The people who have been running it should be forced to repay all the money they squandered or “lost.”

Bill Bo

The idea for Rio Nuevo should be dismissed for good. Downtown Tucson and nearby areas represent a fine city. We’re not Phoenix. Why not redirect future funding towards improving stormwater drainage, which is a problem in many areas of town ? 

Lance Tripoli

Let’s hope the state has a longer memory than the voters of Pima County. Definitely have an accounting for every dollar, as you give it to them, and don’t wait for a “final” accounting.

Jane Horton-Leasman