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Re: Receipts shed light on Pima County Board of Supervisors’ spending.

My first question is, why won’t Ally Miller answer any questions on this? She campaigned on transparency  and now she thinks we are below knowing the truth? Come on, Miller. Why do you go into hiding when the sunlight of transparency is shone upon you? Who is getting the subscriptions to the Arizona Daily Independent? Let’s see some names.

Tonya Mather

Let’s be fair here. Miller is a new member of the Board of Supervisors and as such needs to furnish her office. Before you start throwing numbers around about the cost of that ask — or better yet investigate/research — how much each board member spent on their office.

Suzy Weldon Bushman

In all honesty I didn’t see any expenses that looked unreasonable to me. The real story is the huge dollars that are wasted by the county. This is just a diversion from the real issues in the county and reporter Joe Ferguson showing he’s agenda-driven, not trying to inform us.

Jerry Ramos

It isn’t rocket science to determine who has mindful spending practices and who does not, who puts the constituents first and who puts themselves first, who can get the work done in modest circumstances and who may (or may not) get their work done in extravagant environments. That says a lot about the mind-set of those who represent you.

Sandi Gavlak Plotner

Re: Tucson’s homeless population.

Many homeless refuse to go to shelters for fear of violence, segregation from family or they resent the rules. However, the rest of us live by rules and laws and they should as well. So it is not unreasonable to create an area for them and ticket them if they continue to frequent our public parks.

Karen Riggs

There are far more empty homes in this country than there are homeless people. We already have a solution but we don’t have the will.

Chris Scheel

We need to start charging large annual fines or fees to those states that ship their homeless down here. That would at least help our economy.

Nancy Florez

The homeless population makes it impossible for the folks who work and live downtown to enjoy places like the Main Library or the park. Imagine what out-of-towners think when one of the first things they see downtown is a homeless camp? It is long past time for the city to get these folks to move on.

Alan Walker

This is tragic. I realize there are no simple solutions, just like the English thought that workhouses would solve the famine problem in Ireland. It’s complicated. But it seems as though an intelligent and compassionate society should be able to solve this situation more quickly and efficiently.

Dawn Murray Martin