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January 20, 2014 12:00 am

Excerpts from online reader comments on some of the week’s most-talked-about stories. Join the conversation at facebook.com/ArizonaDailyStarOpinion

Re: The guest column by Dave Efnor, “Rosemont Mine, now all but certain, will benefit many thousands.”

Funny how the number and amount of benefits from the mine are always changing and never supported by any facts. One day it’s hundreds, another day it’s many thousands, but where these jobs will be and how long they will last is never clear. Jobs in China mostly, according to the mine’s plan of operation, and benefits in the billions ... for Chinese and Canadians.

As for permanently destroyed landscapes: What can you do with a mile-wide hole in the ground with a toxic lake at the bottom? You can’t drink the water, feed it to animals or irrigate crops or pastures. You can’t farm the land. You can’t eat any wild animals that may feed in the toxic waste. You can’t build a hotel there. You can’t swim there.

So what part of “permanently destroyed” is inaccurate? As long as the spokespeople for this devastating sellout to the People’s Republic of China breathe, they should be opposed. And if they succeed in the plan, the community should shun them.

Mike Diehl

Why do people opposed to the mine write very visceral and personally demeaning articles and letters? Can they not hold their own in a debate without the “name calling” and innuendo?

Michael H. Gottesman

What an arrogant column stating that there is only a 1 percent chance that the Rosemont Mine that will destroy the last pristine place in Arizona will not be built.

Can’t someone just stop this madness of a Canadian company to come in and destroy natural habitat, chase off the jaguars that have been living down there forever to make a profit! Isn’t the planet more valuable than enriching some corporation that could care less what they do to our Santa Ritas?

Gray Michele

I know what mining is, but I don’t think that a mountain range is really in jeopardy of being destroyed. I think this type of reasoning and perspective is why the mine is winning. If you want to win the debate, you have to participate with logic, reason and facts.

Rex Shea

Re: Councilwoman Regina Romero’s proposal to add César Chávez Day to the city’s list of official holidays.

Fine but they have to give up one of the other paid holidays (not the so called floating holiday) to replace it with.

Pam Weathers

I suggest we hold it on the first Monday of September and call it Labor Day!

Cheryl Kohout

Regina should build a temple to goddess Rio Nuevo Chávez and burn incense and sing songs to her other goddess: incompetence.

Vernon Demerest

Tucson is in an economic depression. We have no roads, no schools, no jobs, no tax base, no opportunity, an unhealthy economic environment, an uncertain future, and this is the best this woman can do?

Jon Schwartz

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