This week’s winner is Kenneth T. (Tredwell),”Somehow ‘Quicker! You quails’ lacks the gravitas of ‘Mush! You huskies’.” And the runners up are Gayl W. (GPW),”What does he think we are? Snowbirds?” and Greg R. (4073),”A few record lows and the race is on to the plumbing store.”

Each Wednesday the Star will publish a Fitz cartoon without  a caption. We want you to come up with the funniest caption. The deadline is 6  p.m.Thursday.

Go to in your web browser (not e-mail) to find and enter the contest. To submit a caption, you must be a logged-in, registered user of StarNet. The winning caption, selected by the Star's David Fitzsimmons, will appear in Sunday's paper.