This week’s winner is Tony T. (Tony61),”Dashing down the track,With Christmas on my mind,Pilgrims to the back,You're wasting shopping time!" and the runners up are Kenneth T. ( Tredwell),”I'm bypassing gluttony and going straight for conspicuous consumption!” and Jim W. (jbwaterman),”Time's up, Pilgrim! Gotta deck the halls and blitz the malls!”

Each Wednesday the Star will publish a Fitz cartoon without  a caption. We want you to come up with the funniest caption. The deadline is 6  p.m.Thursday.

Go to in your web browser (not e-mail) to find and enter the contest. To submit a caption, you must be a logged-in, registered user of StarNet. The winning caption, selected by the Star's David Fitzsimmons, will appear in Sunday's paper.