will oppose any legislation, rules or constraints on the free market.

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Jobs are created by the private sector. It is a common misunderstanding to believe government spending creates jobs. It doesn't. If it did, based on how much our government spends, we should be desperately begging immigrants to come to America to accept all the unfilled employment positions. Although there is much to criticize about our government, no reasonable person can criticize it for spending too little.

Governments sometimes appear to create jobs when they tax and spend money in a way necessitating the hiring of people. For politicians who are more concerned about how things appear to their potential voters, promoting government spending as a ruse to creating jobs is a common approach in politics. However, a belief that the government can actually create jobs is simply false. As with many economic fallacies, failing to consider the less visible consequences of an action is the source of this erroneous belief.

Ignoring the injustice for a moment, when governments forcefully appropriate money from one person then redistribute it to another, the recipient certainly benefits. However, the economic harm visited upon the unfortunate and unwilling donor is at least equal to the benefit received by the recipient. The net result of this resource shifting is not additional jobs. Moreover, it is not consistent with the principles of a free society.

When private property is well-protected, free people, and the companies they form, are encouraged to invest capital into ventures they expect will net them a profit. In the process, jobs are created. It is the voluntary action of private capitalists who seek to improve their economic future that creates jobs. Government usually hinders this process.

As an analogy, human beings cannot produce tomatoes. Only tomato plants are capable of producing tomatoes. However, humans are capable of ensuring optimum conditions exist under which tomato plants can thrive at producing tomatoes. We can provide quality soil, ample sunlight, fresh clean water, fertilizer and any other conditions needed for tomato plants to produce quality tomatoes. Indeed, with the right conditions, a healthy tomato plant will produce quality tomatoes. However, humans are also capable of creating conditions under which no tomato plants are able to produce tomatoes. The same can be said of the government's ability to create jobs.

As a United States senator, I will oppose any legislation, rule, regulation or other constraint upon the free market. High-paying jobs will ripen like tomatoes.

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Libertarian Marc Victor is a criminal defense lawyer, with offices in Chandler since 1994.