Thanks for help on making a bomb

Re: The April 17 illustration "A pressure-cooker bomb."

You gave a very good outline on how to make a bomb. The only thing you missed is giving the address of where you could buy the ingredients.

And you are worried about guns.

Marilyn Savage


Role of guns? Death comes to mind

No matter how deeply I study guns - their role in U.S. history and civic order, the business life of weapons manufacturers and dealers, the sport of hunting, the meaning of the Second Amendment, the passion of gun collectors, the drama of mass shootings, the lobbying of the National Rifle Association and its cousins, the basic longing for strength and self-defense - only one word, always, remains in my mind. Death.

Judith Whipple

Retired editor, Green Valley

Recipe for disaster = students + beer

Re: the April 18 article "World of Beer to take lower level of downtown student housing."

OK. Let me see if I understand correctly:

1. The Cadence student housing complex will have 465 bedrooms for UA students.

2. The lower level of this complex will have a 3,000-square-foot bar (World of Beer), which will also sell packaged beer to go.

3. The legal drinking age in Arizona is 21.

4. Most of the students attending UA are under the legal drinking age.

5. Alcohol is the drug of choice among college students - 31 percent of college students abuse alcohol.

6. The UA is committed to decreasing high-risk student drinking through education, awareness and intervention.

Does anyone else see the absurdity and potential for disaster, or is it just me?

Valerie Golembiewski

Retired, Tucson

Gun calculation by Flake is disturbing

In retrospect I am sickened by the photo ops taken between Jeff Flake and Gabby Giffords during Gabby's emotional return visit to the Senate in the early days of her recovery.

In light of his "no" vote on gun background checks cast Wednesday, pandering to his mouth-breathing, paranoid constituents, Flake demonstrates the coldness and opportunism of our worst politicians. By his vote we will know him: He is an immoral hypocrite.

I wonder what Christina-Taylor Greene (God bless her soul) would think of Flake's vote?

Steve Hameroff


US needs a leader like Margaret Thatcher

Who will be our Margaret Thatcher? Who will cut taxes, deregulate commerce and stand up to destructive, obstructive labor unions? Who will act decisively in international affairs, lead from the front and instill foreign respect for the nation? Who will privatize instead of nationalize, cut profligate federal spending and reinstate the primacy of the free market? Who will combat crony capitalism, reverse creeping socialism and unapologetically support a stalwart national defense?

Before it's too late, who will be our Iron Lady?

Glenn Perry

Colonel, US Air Force (ret.),


Reward immigrants who obey our laws

When my forefathers came to this country from Eastern Europe, it was because of religious persecution. They had all the appropriate documents - visas, passports, etc. They did not climb fences, fall off of trucks or escape from vans with drugs strapped to their bodies. When they arrived, they were subjected to rigorous physical exams and if there was a discrepancy, were sent back to their country.

They quickly embraced the language, culture and assimilated with their adopted countrymen. Education for their children was a top priority. There were no handouts. No Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. People took care of people. What has happened to our wonderful country?

Joan Sherman

Retired, Oro Valley

Asinine to convict border agents

Re: the April 20 article "Smugglers' rights violated by border agents, jury finds."

You don't have to look any further than the front page of the Star to see how asinine things have become in this country. Two Border Patrol agents convicted of violating the civil rights of four drug smugglers. Really? Give me a break.

John Baker


There's a reason we gave up gold standard

Anyone who wonders what happens when you have crappy schools need only look at the taxpayer-fed circus up in Phoenix. If anyone ever needed any evidence that conservatives operate on one cylinder, just ask them what they think about making gold and silver coins legal tender.

Our currency has remained relatively stable throughout the last 100 years or so because it's no longer tied to the rise and fall of commodities. Go read some history. There's a reason we did away with the gold standard and it had nothing to do with Ayn Rand.

Like Momma used to say, "Go look it up."

Tim Briggs