can vote in primaries

The number of independent (no party preference) voters in Pima County has skyrocketed in recent years. There remains some confusion about whether independents can vote in the upcoming primary election, Aug. 26.

Here is the deal: yes, independents can vote in the primary. They simply need to request a ballot of their choice (Democrat, Republican or Libertarian) when they go to vote. This will not change their independent status. That’s it.

Our democracy is strengthened when all eligible voters participate.

Sue DeArmond

League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson, voter service chair, Tucson

Iraq crisis follows predictable path

Before the U.S. pulled out of Iraq, our government demanded that the Iraqi government sign contracts allocating control of virtually all Iraqi oil to multinational oil companies, including several Chinese companies.

It’s not exactly clear how this benefited either the American people or the Iraqi people, but the people who count were smiling.

If the government of Iraq is overthrown, these contracts would almost certainly be voided.

In that case, swift action by the United States will be necessary. The revolution will certainly bring on the standard false-flag atrocities and fake baby killings to fire up “media” hysteria (it seems like only yesterday that fake babies were torn from their incubators to help start the war). The most senior senile senator will call for bombing ... once again ... and amazingly, get quoted everywhere. “Patriots” will be called upon to give their lives for “freedom.”

But all of this could be avoided if patriots simply weren’t so slow to catch on to the scam.

John Kromko

Retired, Tucson

IRS scandal deserves better coverage

It is so predictable to see the Star follow in the tradition of The New York Times by burying stories that highlight the Obama administration’s attack on our most fundamental right of self-governance.

Your supine support of its lawlessness is nowhere more evident than in the near total absence of reporting on the current IRS scandal, which you have repeatedly buried when you actually bothered to mention it.

This scandal should be front page news, as it represents a far more serious threat to our republic than Nixon’s daydream to use the IRS to intimidate opponents. Yet nowhere in your reporting do you put this scandal in context, nor do you even attempt to draw the obvious implications.

Here we have an Obama IRS that obviously illegally suppressed any political group that espoused conservative principles, in order to defuse voter registration and participation in the electoral process.

Yet you rail against voter ID as “voter suppression” while ignoring overt IRS intimidation? Connect the dots and get a clue!

L. Vincent Charles

Investor, Tucson

It’s time to fix downtown traffic woes

Re: the June 23 article “Road Runner: Bill would cut funds for Tucson’s Amtrak line.”

Now that the streetcar construction is complete, why is the city of Tucson continuing to restrict the flow of traffic into downtown at Broadway and Fourth Avenue? The design to close three lanes to two prior to the natural right from the old north lane on to Toole Avenue seems and is very restricting.

The traffic flow north to Fourth Ave seems to be a great deal less that the flow onto westbound Toole Ave. The forcing of the Toole Avenue-bound traffic into the west bound Congress traffic is restricting and unnecessary.

Is there any relief of this situation in the city’s plan?

Greg Foster

Realtor, Tucson

Don’t cut funding for NPR, PBS

As a native Tucsonan who has lived here most all my life, I enjoy and appreciate certain things about our city’s culture, a culture that embraces those who like sports and those who like more intellectually stimulating and free things like NPR, PBS and Arizona Public Radio.

To think that Dr. Ann Weaver Hart can sweep into town as president of my alma mater and decide that the latter programs don’t deserve funding as much as her beloved sports makes me sick. I hope she goes back to Utah soon (or somewhere) before she destroys or even eliminates what is joyful and easily available for a huge segment of our population.

Pamela Samuels

Retired teacher, Tucson