Bomb illustration was irresponsible

Re: The April 17 illustration "A pressure-cooker bomb."

Thank you, Arizona Daily Star, for filling in our need to know with a picture of a pressure cooker bomb complete with how to make one and with various ways it can be detonated.

When I went to sleep last Tuesday evening after the horrific terror attack in Boston, I was wondering how a person could cause so much damage with something carried in a backpack. And you, thank goodness, filled in all the blanks. What would we do without you?

I am sure my fellow Arizonans appreciate your journalistic thoroughness and attention to detail. I am sure those out there whom one may describe as "nut cases" would appreciate it also. It filled in the blanks for those who may be copycats and want to get into your paper by way of the back door.

Thank you, Arizona Daily Star, for another piece of irresponsible journalism. You should be ashamed!

John Fanning

Retired, Green Valley

LaWall was correct not to second-guess jury

Re: the April 17 letter to the editor "LaWall's comments on Taylor case appalling."

Sorry, but I can't agree with the recent letter. It's easy to second-guess a decision made many years ago in a trial we didn't attend.

To say that the jurors should have decided another way, based on current information, is suggesting the outrageous. Couldn't we do that for any court determination we disagree with?

I believe the county attorney correct for deciding to remain silent about that long-ago trial, prosecution and ultimate decision. If public opinion could overturn juries, is there any doubt that O.J. Simpson would now be on death row?

Phil Reinecker

Retired state manager, Tucson

Neighborhood opposes new development

It's time to say no to the Scottsdale developers who want to build 208 apartments on Old Spanish Trail near Gollob Road.

With only one entrance, the safety of hundreds of Gale Elementary School students who walk, bike or ride in parent vehicles to get to school are in danger, as are the avid bicyclists who ride the road daily, and the other hundreds of cars that travel through this corridor. It will only be a matter of time before a tragedy occurs.

Additionally, the homes of javelinas, hawks, coyotes and other desert animals will be destroyed. The developers also asked for a special exception and a zoning variance to tap into the neighborhood well for water.

If these Scottsdale wolves think that Tucsonans like myself are going to roll over and let them in, they don't know us very well. We'll see you at City Hall.

Jerie Schulz

Substitute teacher, homemaker

Group gives students opportunities

Re: the April 16 article "Educational Enrichment Foundation marks 30 years of helping Tucson Unified students."

We would like to agree with the Star article. EEF assists in a huge way with athletics and performing arts scholarships for our students. This year EEF contributed $6,995 to more than 120 students at Palo Verde High Magnet School for sports and fine arts participation fees alone. These students would not have had the opportunity to participate if it were not for EEF.

It is a terrific organization that assists students in so many ways. We encourage all to contribute in any way that you can.

Teresa Gushing

Administrative assistant for activities and operations

Bart Peterson

Athletic director/trainer, Palo Verde High Magnet School

Proposal would allow guns to rust away

Re: the April 17 article "Senate: Don't let cities destroy 'buyback' guns."

HB 2455 that prevents municipalities from destroying surrendered, found property or lost/abandoned firearms is the ultimate form of idolatry. Guns must now be granted "eternal life" by law.

I have a modest proposal. Municipalities that struggle over this issue should build a secure open-air cage to place these weapons for all to "worship" in their own way as they rust away exposed to the elements. This way, they are not physically destroyed, nor do they re-enter the marketplace.

If my proposal is enacted, our Legislature is sure to follow up with additional legislation to ensure that guns are sacrosanct.

Thomas J. Lindell

Emeritus professor, Tucson

No representative government in Arizona

Re: the April 17 article "Senate: Don't let cities destroy 'buyback' guns."

So much senseless death, so much sadness. Yet all the majority party in the Arizona Legislature finds important to spend its time on is ensuring guns are not destroyed.

This is not a representative government. This is a government bought and paid for by the National Rifle Association.

Virginia Gethmann


Personal responsibility needed from the top

Re: April 17 letter to the editor "Terrorism seems to be matter of definition."

The letter was precisely on target. Killers of innocents are cowardly scum, and deserve to be called terrorists. But the word also fits taggers, thieves, spousal abusers, pedophiles, Ponzi schemers and bullies. All are just as aggressively selfish, and most probably think the Golden Rule is something you sell at the pawn shop and get a 50 percent bonus and two nights in Vegas.

In the aftermath of the Boston outrage, this is not a time for laughter, but how do we not LOL when, following every terrorist act, we get politicians promising to punish the perps, and religious leaders suggesting we pray, like either would ever deter a punk from painting graffiti or a zealot from building a bomb.

If we're not mad as hell by now at the perpetual inaction of our so-called leaders for not championing tolerance and personal responsibility from the top down, then what can it possibly take to get us there?

Greg Knowles

Writer, Tucson