Parking ticket fine too high to defend

We will no longer be able to attend events in downtown Tucson because the price of attendance is too high. On Sunday of the Fourth Avenue Street Fair we received a parking ticket in the amount of $188. Although there were no signs, no paint on the curbs, or anything else that indicated that we were not in a legal parking space, we and eight other cars on the same corner received a parking ticket.

It appears to me that the city of Tucson used the street fair simply as a revenue source. We are going to stay away from downtown Tucson from now on.

Besides the Tucson parking enforcement team, does anyone else in Tucson know that you cannot park a vehicle within 30 feet of a traffic signal?

Roger Provost

Retired, SaddleBrooke

D-M noise not an issue if you live in Oro Valley

Re: the March 30 letter to the editor "Thankful for Davis-Monthan."

The letter writer from peaceful Oro Valley complains about Tucsonans who complain about aircraft noise.

Responding to a recommendation by the Military Community Compatibility Committee, Davis-Monthan has increased the altitude of A-10s that fly over Tucson's midtown residential areas. As a result, the noise of A-10s is tolerable for most residents.

The Air Force now intends to expand their Operation Snowbird, which will bring F-18s and F-22s to D-M. According to the Air Force's own environmental analyses, F-18s are four times as loud as A-10s. F-22s are even louder.

The Air Force also intends to base three squadrons of F-35s at Tucson International Airport. According to Air Force data, the F-35s are eight times as loud as A-10s.

Is it any wonder that many of Tucson's residents are worried?

Cheryl Houser

Retired, Tucson

Gun ownership like a religion to NRA

It seems to me that the NRA is taking the totally wrong approach in their campaign for the minds of America. Once they realize their creed is protected by the First Amendment to our Constitution - freedom of religion, they're home free.

If a demand for a blind, unwavering adherence to a creed does not constitute a religion, I don't know what does. Ask the Taliban.

I am a gun owner and have been most of my life - but the NRA is too extreme for me.

Steve Bleich

Retired engineer, Tucson

Sexual relations a matter of morality

Regarding the ongoing dialogue to sanction same-sex "marriage," there are many of us who regard this not as a matter of equality but rather of morality.

I believe sexual relations between members of the same sex is contrary to natural law. The theology of my faith regards these actions as "intrinsically disordered."

The frenetic activity of advocates for same-sex "marriage" seeks to legitimize this deviant behavior.

I brook no umbrage regarding civil unions that provide the same civil and legal benefits as received by heterosexuals. But these unions are not marriage. Never have been and never will be.

I also resent having this "new morality" rammed down our throats.

Russell C. Smeds

Retired, Green Valley