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Bush gets weepy for wrong reasons

Re: the April 26 article "Politics on hold at Bush library opening."

During his presidential library's dedication, George W. Bush's Alfred E. Neuman-esque, "What, me worry?" countenance faltered when he became teary-eyed.

As I watched, I remembered that …

Using completely false evidence, he had launched the trillion-dollar, off-the-books, decade-long war with Iraq that resulted in more than 30,000 American troops being killed, maimed, or otherwise wounded and countless thousands more struggling with post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

And that …

He had orchestrated huge tax breaks for our wealthiest citizens, falsely claiming that those beneficiaries would create millions of new American jobs.

And that …

Extolling the virtues of "self-regulation," he had drastically reduced oversight of U.S. financial markets, thereby ushering in the Great Recession that drove our economy into a chasm and ruined untold legions of Americans.

And that …

I could not recall seeing him become teary-eyed over even one of those fatuous decisions.

Thomas Sanders


$1 an hour is too much for downtown parking

Re: the May 8 article "City to double parking rate downtown to $1 per hour."

This decision by the Tucson City Council is indeed unfortunate. I thought that the idea was to revitalize the downtown area. Instead the council appears to discourage travel into downtown. The council forgets that people have many choices and the word gets around. People are not going to travel into downtown Tucson to see a show, eat at a restaurant, or go shopping if they have to pay high parking fees or if they risk the chance of getting an unwarranted parking ticket.

There are many other shows, restaurants and shopping outside of downtown that welcome me as a customer and appreciate my business.

Robert Perez

Retired, SaddleBrooke

Defenseless guns need our protection

Re: the April 30 article "Bill signed preventing Tucson from destroying 'buyback' guns."

I'm pleased to read that Gov. Brewer and the Arizona Citizens Defense League have a consistent ethical stance on life.

Abortion is wrong and so is the willful destruction of defenseless weapons.

If Tucson city officials have little respect for the life of, say, a harmless Glock 19 or a TEC-9, they should not be permitted to destroy them. Instead they should be required to let a compassionate gun lover, such as Senate President Andy Biggs, adopt them and provide a good home.

The life-affirming politicians in Phoenix have done the right thing. Morality counts.

Francis E. Kazemek

Professor emeritus, Tucson

Good to see there are kind people in world

Re: the May 7 article "Special ed, general ed kids sharing sports."

The photo of Joseph Venos and Travis Peterson on the front page was priceless. The expression on their faces brought tears to my eyes. There are kind people in the world.

Barbara Arvold

Retired, Tucson

Voting rate will help anti-reform crowd

Re: the May 9 article "Voting rate of Hispanics doesn't make dent at polls."

I assume the anti-immigration-reform members of the GOP and their fellow traveling tea party colleagues will use the data to make their point: "See, we don't have to worry about the Hispanic vote."

Paul R. Dommel

Retired professor, Tucson

Fitz wrong about cops' commitment

Re: the May 8 editorial cartoon by David Fitzsimmons.

Fitz and the media are way off on this one. They're looking for something that isn't there. I'm no special friend of law enforcement, just the opposite, really, but no cop would have left anything unturned if there was even a chance of finding a kidnapped child. They don't make them that way.

Find another tree to bark up.

Mike Morrison


Operation Streamline isn't effective

Funding Operation Streamline makes no sense. We should stop throwing money at this failed program. Studies show that Operation Streamline is not achieving its intended goal of deterring immigration. Meanwhile, its cost is enormous - reports say well over $150 million annually in Arizona alone. In addition, it is tying up our courts and making a mockery of our proud heritage of American justice.

It is well past time we put an end to this ill-conceived program.

Nancy Bennett

Retired librarian, Tubac

Your taxes are going down because ...

Re: the May 5 guest column "County proposes 5% tax rate hike - but overall taxes go down."

Chuck Huckelberry didn't like the Arizona Daily Star's headline so he proposed one of his own, but I have an even better one: "The good news is your taxes are going down, the bad news is it's because your house is worth less."

Fritz Brace


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