Don't give 'Dream 9' special treatment

Re: the July 25 article "Status of detained 'Dream 9' still in limbo."

The actions of these "dreamers" met their goals of drawing attention to immigration issues. However, they may be giving a bad name to their countrymen and alienating legal immigrants and those who aspire to be.

They made decisions to leave the United States. Some did so after taking advantage of the opportunities offered here. Some did so to attempt to further themselves in the country from which their parents illegally came long ago.

Much is made over the potential hardships that might fall on some illegal immigrants if action is taken against them. Any such hardships are not the result of immigration laws. With rare exceptions, they are the result of some previous illegal action taken by the person or a member of that person's family.

People need to be held responsible for their actions, especially if those actions are illegal. It would be unfair to give lawbreakers any special treatment that would give them a leg up over those who would take legal paths into the country.

Matthew J. Scully

Engineer, Sahuarita

ATC isn't the only local theater company

Re: the July 24 guest column "Arizona Theater Company deserves unwavering support by community."

Having been involved in local theater for almost 40 years, I was incensed by the column by Richard Small. From the way he wrote it would seem that Arizona Theater Company is the only game in town when it comes to live theatrical offerings. He wrote, "Can you imagine what it would be like if ATC were not in our community ... the young actors unable to perform or learn from the more seasoned professionals in our community?"

I would venture to guess there are dozens, no, hundreds of local actors that would stand up very well to the "professionals" at ATC, not to mention directors.

Without ATC in town people would still enjoy all the other companies in town, like Beowulf Alley, Live Theatre Workshop, Rogue Theatre, Studio Connections, Invisible Theatre, Red Barn Theatre, etc.

If Small thinks ATC is the only theater in town worth contributing to, he should think again.

Robert Ulsrud

Actor, Tucson

Let's not alter history to fit personal beliefs

Re: the July 10 guest column "'Christian nation' adherents want what Founders tried to prevent."

Gil Shapiro's recent guest column illuminates the gnarly issue of what our Founding Fathers' religious beliefs were, and more importantly, what the framers of the Constitution intended regarding religion and governments.

Clearly many, but not all, of our "fathers" were religious but they resisted establishing Christianity as the favored religion in the eye of the federal government. Just the opposite, as Shapiro points out, the Constitution is a secular document. This is not "revisionist history" as a recent letter to the editor asserted, it is the result of a sober review of historical documents.

It is tempting to interpret history in a way that conforms to, if not reinforces, our current beliefs. Everyone needs to recognize this truth. One can still be a pious Christian without distorting historical facts.

Dale Keyes