People's generosity at Petco heartwarming

While admiring the beautiful cats available for adoption from PAWSitively Cats at Petco last weekend, a very generous couple donated a cartful of much-needed cat supplies. We were sharing furry feline stories when the gentleman noticed the cute kittens that were also available for adoption. He rushed back with a cart filled with kitten supplies!

Their generosity is much appreciated - Tucson is kind!

Also, don't forget to spay and neuter your pets. There are so many of them and not enough of us to go around.

Carol Ann Hayden

Receptionist, Tucson

Logic to remove speed cameras faulty

Re: the May 18 article "County's speed cameras might go."

Logic tells me that when an action produces the desired result you continue it. If it does not, you scrap that idea and try something new. According to the article, since Pima County installed speed cameras, citations and speeding have dropped 38 percent. "The number of fatal crashes has also declined by 48 percent during the same time" with no deaths due to speed last year.

So what does County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry propose? Get rid of the cameras, of course. What sort of logic is that? Oh yes, after state and American Traffic Solutions' fees are deducted, the county only gets $17 for each ticket issued. I guess the critics are right after all. It is all about the money.

Reducing accidents and saving lives is just an unimportant collateral benefit. Let's hope the county Board of Supervisors has a higher sense of priority.

Neal Lundahl

Retired accountant, Tucson

Huckelberry's rationale outrageous

Re: the May 18 article "County's speed cameras might go."

Chuck Huckelberry applies a very interesting line of reasoning: "Speed cameras work, so let's stop using them."

Gilmore Tostengard

Retired, Oro Valley

Charge lawmakers money for blathering

I have a plan. My plan reveals a simple fail-safe way to solve our huge, growing deficit. It would require all politicians to pay $1 for each word spoken that does not support our common welfare. In addition, all lies would cost $2 for each word. If this would become retroactive, we would enjoy a huge surplus and experience a large decline in blathering.

John F. Westhoff

Green Valley

Umbrella duty disgraceful

Re: the May 18 article "President gives Marines umbrella duty, takes heat."

President Obama wouldn't call out the military to protect our embassy in Benghazi from a terrorist attack and four brave Americans were killed. But he did call upon the U.S. Marine Corps to hold an umbrella over his head during a news conference to protect his suit.

James R. Sinnott

Retired, Oro Valley

RTA funds should go to local streets, roads

Re: the May 7 guest column "ADOT can't legally divert fuel-tax revenues from highways to transit."

The state DOT honcho happily reminded us that gas-tax funds cannot be used for transit. They're to build super routes.

The prime goal of the RTA (Regional Transportation Authority) is also major routes, not local streets or transit. The RTA promoters eliminated a gas tax by tossing in a few transit crumbs and the eternally money-eating streetcar. The regressive sales tax that funds the RTA does not have this restriction.

The RTA avoided the federal mandate to do impact studies before obtaining funding. There will not be enough revenue. Research indicates that just putting in bus turnouts and right-turn lanes would be about 70 percent as effective as full Grant Road and Broadway widening.

Our local governments have the power to change the schedule to do the intersections first before widening. Use RTA money saved for local streets and transit.

Thanks to council members Steve Kozachik and Karin Uhlich - may others have your courage!

Ruth Holzinger Stokes

Systems analyst, Tucson