What left leaves out makes a difference

Re: the March 22 letter to the editor "Health-care system is great if you're rich."

The letter writer and others may not know that the studies he cited are not apples to apples studies. For instance, the numbers cited in the U.S. studies include deaths by car accidents and guns as well as other deaths. If those are included from the countries he listed, then we do indeed outlive people in the other nations. If you isolate their deaths by diabetes and cancer, the U.S. is the clear winner.

It's not a perfect system, and everyone knows it needs improvement. Moving everyone in the country to an inferior health-care system with no choice serves the interest of no one. Be careful in listening to the left. It's what they don't share that makes the difference.

Patricia Cowan

Retired, Tucson

Bill Walton is easily worst announcer ever

Re: the March 22 letter to the editor "When Walton is on, turn off the sound."

I watched and listened to two basketball games yesterday. The announcers were Clark Kellogg, Steve Kerr and Jim Nance. I knew at at all times what was happening and was given lots of important facts.

I then remembered the games I suffered through while listening to the drivel from Bill Walton. It was horrible. I record and watch all the Pac-12 games, so it was impossible to avoid him. I went from listening, to muting, then turning the sound back on. It was only a few minutes before I turned the sound or the game off for good.

I always thought Dick Vitale was the worst announcer in the country, but you, Bill, have surpassed him. I never find out anything about the game I'm watching because you are too busy telling me about all the great games you played, your coach and all the important people you have met, but worst of all is your horrible criticism of those young players.

Every Wildcat fan needs to start hammering ESPN and the Pac-12 now so we can ensure that we don't get him back next year.

Darrel Thayne


Melvin, Farley should join on redistricting

Dear Sen. Al Melvin: Concerning the "report card" from the Center for Public Integrity and your interview, this Republican could not disagree with you more concerning what Arizona has accomplished in its latest redistricting.

It is not perfect, but it is far better than letting whoever is in the legislative majority at the moment decide. That would be totally biased and would not serve Arizonans well for the next 10 years.

I suggest you enter a bill that would make gerrymandering illegal in Arizona, and that the redistricting process be done via computer and all districts should be as close to squares or rectangles or triangles or other geometric shapes as possible.

It should be fair for all Arizonans for the whole 10 years and not be a power grab for the next 10 years. I am disappointed that you, with all your service to this country, would make this a partisan issue and attempt to disenfranchise other patriotic Americans who happen to be with the other party.

You and state Sen. Steve Farley are the perfect example of what is wrong with our legislative process. How could two supposedly intelligent and patriotic citizens who supposedly want what is best for Arizona (and America) be so diametrically opposed on this issue?

I suggest you and Steve co-sponsor a redistricting bill for Arizona that would be a model for the other 49 states and be universally fair for all. How about it?

Phil Bentley

Retired pilot, Tucson