Pay raise debacle highlights ineptitude

Re: the May 15 article "City pay raises balloon to $11M."

It is amazing to open the paper and see another headline that embraces the ineptitude of the people running our city. Sounds like Logic 101 in college. "Show them $5.1 million for proposed raises. If they don't scream too loud, then show them $8 million in raises. If that passes review, then the sky is the limit."

Who's on first? Given enough monkeys with typewriters and enough time, the monkeys will write the complete works of Shakespeare. Sheesh! Of course, it fits right in with our national image.

Jerry Gary

Owner White Hat Elevator & Lift Co., Tucson

Negative stories would have altered vote

Re: the May 14 articles "Obama lashes out over Benghazi 'sideshow,'" "IRS official didn't reveal targeting of tea partyers," and "AP faults Justice for secretly obtaining phone records."

The stories these articles discussed are, at a minimum, extremely troubling for the Obama administration. They all occurred prior to the November 2012 election: Benghazi, Sept. 11, 2012; IRS targeting, 2011; AP phone records seizure, May 2012.

If these actions were thoroughly investigated and reported prior to the election, I'm certain the results would have been a lot different.

Douglas R. Holm

CPA, Tucson

There's no cover-up on Benghazi story

Re: the May 15 letter to the editor "Star predictably avoids Libya cover-up story."

To the gentleman who wanted to know if the Daily Star was going to cover the Libyan cover-up, I say "What cover-up?"

We all know what happened. Give me a break. Mistakes were made. Some people miscalculated. Some good people died. It is unclear what, specifically, Obama and Clinton had to do with our people being in exactly the wrong place at exactly the wrong time, but these things happen in war zones even if we are not technically at war in those zones.

It's very sad, but it's happened in previous administrations and will happen in future administrations. Especially if Sen. John McCain takes a break from his Ben-ghazi witch hunt and gets us involved in the Syrian civil war. He, of all people, should remember what happens when the U.S. gets involved in somebody else's civil war.

David P. Kelly

Retired, Tucson

Beer in UA housing: Are they thinking?

Re: the May 15 editorial "Downtown shows promising signs of resurgence."

A World of Beer in student housing? How stupid is that?

I can't imagine how University of Arizona officials could OK this type of thing. We don't want our students to drink and here it is, right where they live. Not good planning at all.

Dolores Syverson

Retired, Tucson

Fitzsimmons' ranting is misdirected

Re: the May 15 editorial cartoon by David Fitzsimmons.

Fitz, whose work I often enjoy, has shown himself to be as clueless as many Americans are about war. Like his latest cartoon elephant, he is guilty of misdirected ranting.

We have an ever-expanding war and torture machine, shrinking civil liberties and impending global environmental catastrophe. Neither Republicans nor Democrats "own" any of this. We all own war by virtue of our allowing it to continue, though it benefits only a few greedy sociopaths and creates boundless misery for the rest of us.

When we stop pointing fingers and face this fact, we can begin to make some changes.

Kim Mathews

Certified nursing assistant, Tucson