Those responsible for PCC crisis must go

While Pima College's "Response to Higher Learning Commission: Corrective Action Plan" issued on March 29 shows contrition and takes responsibility for the actions of the college, the one action that is clearly missing is the resignation of the PCC District Board members who served during these times.

Until the responsible board members resign, this community, along with the college's staff, faculty and students, will wonder why it couldn't happen again.

Howard Weiss

President, The Weiss Company Inc., Tucson

Legislature tramples women's rights

The anti-women bills passed in our Arizona 50th legislative session are a cause for deep concern. Rarely is the phrase "state rights" seen as a code to legitimize the violation of women's rights, even though every woman gains or loses rights to make decisions about her own body when she crosses state lines.

Google "A State-by-State Guide to 2012's Anti-Choice Laws" for specific information.

In the work world of today, jobs take women to states whose laws may affect their personal well-being.

From my perspective (I'm in my 80s), some of the anti-women laws are legal terrorism to keep women in their place.

Dorothy McKenna

Retired nurse, Green Valley

Buy Just Coffee to help Mexican farmers

Re: the March 25 article "Mexico coffee co-op offers cup of help in border debate."

Thank you for the excellent article on the Mexican coffee cooperative, Café Justo. I thought your readers might like to know that several churches in Tucson are selling Just Coffee, which is the marketing name in the U.S., as a way to assist the Mexican farmers and make it possible for them to survive on their own land.

At St.Philip's in the Hills Episcopal Church Just Coffee is for sale the first Sunday of every month. Any profit realized is returned to the Café Justo Cooperative to assist in its expansion.

Peg Anderson


McClusky is gaming the system

Re: the March 26 article "Ex-Tucson mayoral hopeful plans free shotguns for high-crime areas."

Shaun McClusky: I would suggest that you engage the system rather than gaming the system. Work with the community, volunteer to work with city government or the schools. Roll your sleeves up, jump in and help us accomplish something positive.

It is more work and offers less instant gratification than five minutes of fame because you pushed a hot button, but it reaps long-term rewards for yourself and the community. I see it as a prerequisite for elected office.

Bob Schlanger

Auto shop owner, Tucson

Loughner parents deserve our sensitivity

Re: the March 28 article "What Loughner's parents knew."

I realize that all of the events leading to the Jan. 8, 2011, shooting rampage are public record. But was it necessary to plaster them and mention of the shooter's parents at the top of the front page?

That Jared Loughner's parents' son killed six people, among them a 9-year-old girl, wounded 13 others and is locked up for the rest of his life, is already a source of painful sorrow that will follow his parents to their graves.

Have you no sensitivity?

William Winkelman

Hospital transporter, Tucson

$188 parking ticket is way too high

Re: the March 22 article "Downtown merchants boiling over 'construction mayhem.' "

As a 35-year resident of Tucson, I too am disgusted over the ongoing parking situation on Fourth Avenue and downtown. After returning to my car from the street fair, I discovered a parking ticket for $188 from ParkWise, the city's parking enforcement agency, for parking within 5 feet of a driveway. There remained complete clearance at the driveway of a resident who was taking money for parking cars in his lot.

However, my bumper was closer than 5 feet to the driveway - I was at fault - but $188 worth? A brief Web search revealed that Tucson parking fees rival those of New York! And negotiating this fee requires heading downtown for a court hearing.

So merchants and residents beware - the cost of our "downtown progress" is quite high.

Beth Haggerty

Consultant, Tucson

Whew: Wouldn't want AZ to pay living wage

Re: the March 28 article "AZ Senate gives early approval to 'living wage' ban."

Thank God for the Arizona Senate! I know Arizona has many problems, but making sure no one has to pay a living wage was sure at the top of my list! I think this idea started with Henry Ford when he started paying his workers enough to buy his cars. Well, we all know how fast his business collapsed after that stupid idea.

Imagine the economic devastation if employees could actually afford the goods and services they produced, not to mention the harm to the job creators if the taxpayers no longer had to subsidize their subsistence wages with food stamps and low income housing.

Paying people a living wage would just be the beginning of a slippery slope. The next thing the peasants will be crying for is affordable health care, and from there it is only a matter of time before we end up with a Maoist, Stalinist, communist, fascist, socialist, black foreigner in the White House.

So, thank you, Arizona Senate for saving us all and, you know ... FREEDOM.

Buddy P. Gill