Bet on it: Streetcar

will be abandoned

About 10 years from now (or less), after the hoopla has subsided, the novelty has worn off and reality has set in, the Tucson modern streetcar system will be shut down and abandoned. Tucson taxpayers will be the streetcar’s demise. Faced with yet another tax increase and more cuts in services in order to subsidize a venture that, as it turned out, benefited relatively few and ran up huge deficits year after year, the people of Tucson will finally pull the plug and say enough is enough. Of course, no one has to believe any of this; just watch it happen.

James Burton

Salesman, Tucson

There’s an alternative

to waging war

Re: the Aug. 3 letter “Writer imagines a perfect world.”

I sympathize with the writer in her desire to categorize wars into good wars and bad wars.

To me, an evaluation of our military actions during my lifetime shows we become more part of the problem than any solution. It doesn’t seem likely to me that we can fight our way to peace. I think it is time to try something new, like stand up for justice in order to create more space for peace.

As a minimum, can we agree that the unintended consequences of war coupled with the costs in lost and broken lives and wasted resources make it a far more unwise choice than our rhetoric would suggest?

Bruce Thoms

Retired, Tucson

Obama wants to reward

those who broke the law

Re: the Aug. 3 article “Experts: Much Obama can do to change immigration.”

Both the House and the Senate have passed immigration bills that the other body will not even consider. This inspires President Obama to take more steps to “solve the problem.”

However, he and other advocates for illegal immigrants now propose expanding his previously instituted “deferred action” program to include the parents of children already receiving deferred-action status. According to the article, expanding the program could bring the total on “deferred action” to as many as 5 million.

This would just reward those who knowingly broke immigration laws: the parents who brought their children here illegally. How do Obama and the supporters of his immigration policies expect to solve the illegal immigration problem if all the actions they take do nothing but encourage more of it by providing advantages to those who break the laws?

Matthew Scully

Engineer, Sahuarita

Why cast your vote

for a proven loser?

Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain. Her name is Martha McSally, and she has made herself over to fool you. She is wanting you to believe that she is now a soft and caring person. She is a woman whom everybody loves and respects. But she is really just the same as she was the last time she ran against Ron Barber, hard-edged and disingenuous about what she would do then for her constituents. She lost.

Let’s keep Ron Barber as our congressman. He knows the constituency of Southern Arizona and has already served it well in the past two times he has won. Why should we vote for a made-over version of the same person who lost last time?

Donna Helms

Artist, Tucson

Fitz’s ‘Dora’ column

is worth sharing

Re: the Aug. 2 column “Little Dora from Guatemala visits the magical land of Az.”

Dave Fitzsimmons’ column is at once hilariously funny, all-too-true and terribly depressing. I’m sharing it with my many relatives spread across the country to show them Arizona has more than media-crazed myopic bigots in its population. Dave is an Arizona treasure.

Burgess Needle

Retired librarian, Tucson

Kudos to Fitz

for ‘Dora’ column

“Little Dora from Guatemala visits the magical land of Az” is so amazingly on target. Fitz accurately sums up the way politicians are playing on “straw men they set up to frighten the average voter and to rouse the hatred and anger of the base.” Kudos.

Roy Emrick

Retired, Tucson

TFD has facilities

for breast pumping

Re: the Aug. 2 article “TFD sued over inadequate lactation space.”

I am once again amazed at the one-sided, biased reporting of the Star. I had children as a firefighter for the Tucson Fire Department, and I disagree with the department being painted in a bad light. Although I did not choose to pump breast milk at the station, I would have felt very comfortable in doing so with the accommodations available ... 13 years ago.

Stations currently have “safe rooms” that lock, granting privacy for pumping, and most have individual dorm rooms that give as much privacy as one would need to pump. Additionally, all stations provide adequate refrigeration for storing of breast milk (not just Station 12). I respect each individual woman’s right to pump breast milk for as long as she chooses with an “adequate space” to accomplish this task.

However this “adequate space” has been and is currently available at TFD stations. I keep holding out hope that one day the Star will recognize that there are two sides to every story.

Kassandra Oberdank

Captain, Tucson Fire Department, Tucson