Tucson loses a gifted woman

Bruce Dusenberry was spot on in describing Dorothy Finley as "a force of nature." She was a gifted woman who was a gift to Tucson.

Many years ago, Israel's first non-Jewish Arab Druze diplomat was visiting Tucson and Dorothy arranged an activity-filled visit to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base at my request. The colonel who was in charge of the visit was from Cuba, which tickled Dorothy because my husband is from Cuba. Because of her positive response to my request, everyone involved with the visit learned much from one another.

Whenever I use the mug from the event during which the America-Israel Friendship League honored her as Woman of the Year, her wonderful smiling face makes me smile. Hasta más ver, Dorothy.

Billie Kozolchyk


Both poles suffer mispronunciation

In response to the letter to the editor about the lost "r" in February, add the following:

• Arctic is often pronounced without the first "c". It becomes "artik."

• Antarctic is treated more badly. The first "t" and the first "c" are often forgotten. It becomes "anartik."

Jeffrey M. Dean

Retired, Tucson

Benghazi letter shows propaganda still works

Re: the Feb. 27 letter to the editor "American people deserve the truth."

I see the old tried-and-true method of propaganda works as always. The letter today about "the truth about Benghazi" might well have been written by Sen. McCain.

I'm sorry to see citizens repeat almost verbatim the goofy sound points spoken on a regular basis by politicians, but they do it because it works.

This letter proves it. I might want to remind people that all the senators on the proper committees were given all the intel in classified briefings including real video taken by security cameras. McCain didn't bother to go to the briefing, however. Everyone who the outraged senators wanted to testify under oath on this matter did so. And in actual fact they had no dirt to dump on anyone about it.

Questions were answered and the politics continue, and this letter proves some of it worked to convince some folks this act put on by the Senate was more than just a political acting job.

My, are we not gullible?

Donald Shelton


Some private schools serve poor, need credits

Private school tax credits are not just for the wealthy; they also support the poor.

San Miguel High School is one of these private schools. Each of our 310 students receives scholarship support from the tax credit program. Eighty-five percent of students live in poverty and many will be the first members of their family to graduate from high school and go on to college.

Students have chosen to overcome personal hardship, and to become contributing members of our community through education and hard work.

San Miguel demonstrates how powerful tax credit donations can be to changing cycles of poverty and unemployment.

Through April 15, Arizona residents can designate their state taxes to private schools even if they have already given to public schools.

Taxpayers can donate up to $1,003 if filing taxes independently and $2,006 if filing jointly.

Ask your tax consultant - and support education.

Nicola Hartmann

Director of advancement and corporate relations, San Miguel High School, Tucson

Get over it: Snail mail soon will be extinct

Re: the Feb. 27 article "Postal reorganization means outgoing mail goes to Phoenix."

When is the last time you looked at the postmark? Get over it and move to issues that are important.

With Twitter, Facebook, text messaging and email, the mail service will be as archaic as the rotary phone or eight-track tapes.

Even though it is empowered by the Postal Clause of the Constitution, times change and the Postal Service did not meet the challenge.

Congress did not help with its pension policies.

We are still getting our junk mail and keep stuffing those Priority Mail flat-rate boxes.

Donn Badman

Retired, Tucson

Instead of 'oldster,' call me this

Give me a break. Will I forever be defined, described and referred to by my age? Elderly woman, senior citizen, octogenarian - and the Star, adding insult to injury, uses "oldster"!

Not only am I automatically categorized but also stereotyped as to what I think, what I like, how I feel, how I will vote.

What would I prefer? "Anne Hathaway look-alike" might do.

Karen Haggar

Retired, Tucson