McCain apology for Iraq victims needed

Re: the May 13 article "Two officials blast State Dept. on Benghazi."

Sen. John McCain is crying "cover-up" on the attack at Benghazi. Sadly, four people were killed, and our hearts go out to their families.

Unfortunately, Sen. McCain has never apologized for supporting the unnecessary war in Iraq, where thousands of people have been killed. Don't you think those people were just as important to their families?

This seems to be just another attempt to stifle getting anything done in Washington. When are our representatives in D.C. going to start working for us, the people, instead of going on witch hunts?

Joan Bergman


Fix the roadways; they're near unbearable

We returned to the Old Pueblo over Mother's Day weekend and were struck by the rapidly deteriorating infrastructure within the city, particularly the poor condition of the roadways.

For a city that prides itself on being "bike friendly" I cannot fathom trying to ride a bike on any of the major interior roadways due to the generally degraded asphalt. The area surrounding the university, with the exception of Campbell Avenue, seems in particularly poor shape, which cannot be viewed favorably by students, athletes and teachers who are being recruited to the otherwise fabulous campus.

I'm probably not telling you anything you didn't already know, but coming from someone who gets to return to my beloved Tucson only on an occasional basis, your roads need some help in a big way.

Resources are tight for all municipalities, but it's way past time to reinvest in your basic infrastructure before it just becomes unbearable.

Steve Deschamps

Las Vegas

Celebrating conviction of Arias was disgusting

Re: the May 9 article "Arias says she prefers death to life sentence."

Your recent picture of citizens celebrating the conviction of Jodi Arias was appalling.

We can express satisfaction with a verdict we supported without celebrating tragedy. To observe human beings exhibiting joy at this event is frightening. It is symptomatic of the anger that is so prevalent in our country.

Stuart Sellinger

Retired school administrator

Horne got off easy with $300 fine

Re: the May 9 article "By paying $300 fine, state AG settles charge that he left accident."

I read with interest of the measly $300 fine assessed state Attorney General Tom Horne for sideswiping someone's car and leaving the scene as he drove away from a tryst with his mistress. A few years ago, I was fined $533 for parking in a handicapped space with an expired placard. Now I think someone owes me an explanation or perhaps a rebate.

As I prepared to maneuver my walker into the department store to purchase medical necessities, I realized my handicapped placard had expired. But acting the scofflaw and thinking I could sneak into the store and return before anyone noticed my infraction, I gambled with fate. I lost.

Obligingly, I sent the city a check because I recognize my duty as a citizen to pay a penalty upon being apprehended while breaking the law. Has no one in Maricopa County ever heard the refrain about making the punishment fit the crime?

Sandy Whitehouse

Retired, Corona de Tucson

College should be built at another site

Re: the May 8 article "Golf course planned as college site."

While I feel the Grand Canyon University campus will be a great addition to our community, I think the city should consider an alternate location. El Rio, whether a golf course or park, is already an attractive presence on the west side.

At best this plan will be a lateral move for the city, missing an opportunity to upgrade and beautify another location. There are areas north, west and south of downtown, now bleak and underdeveloped, awaiting a catalyst for rejuvenation that seems to never come.

For example, properties and small-street rights of way around the Speedway/Main intersection could be assembled, improving a blighted area, or if the campus were at the west terminus of the streetcar it would revitalize that area and increase streetcar ridership.

Using the college to deflect the current golf course question will be shortsighted and result in our having one attractive area when we could have two.

Brian P. McCarthy

Architect, Tucson