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Be grateful for aid from helpful strangers

Just a thought for all the people who have been helped by strangers this year and for those who feel a distance from our brothers and sisters: gratitude - a word that shapes our lives.

To be thankful is to create kindness and patience, which gives us a lightness in our soul. We forget ourselves and want to share.

One's gratitude can change our existence.

We stand alone on this Earth, after all, but gratitude enhances our goodness and the surprise is that we can be happy.

What a world it would be if we could all be like those helpful strangers!

Alice Treiber

Retired teacher, Tucson

Militia in US is not so well-regulated

As a gun owner, I question why our government hasn't required me to attend militia training in keeping with the intent of the Second Amendment.

How can we gun owners be part of a "well-regulated militia" unless the government acts to insure we are fully prepared to help maintain the security of a free state?

Clearly such training must be required of all gun owners. An annual monthlong militia training would seem appropriate and necessary.

Further, those armed citizens who do not participate in such training would be in violation of this key constitutional right of freedom.

Surely such violators should have their guns confiscated until they attend training.

Gun owners, are you with me? Write your representatives and tell them that the Second Amendment is too important to neglect and must be fully enforced now - before it is too late.

Dennis Winsten

Retired veteran, Tucson

We need to encourage more people to vote

Some Arizona legislators think the problem with voting in this state is that it's too easy to vote, so they try to make it more difficult, claiming to reduce "fraud."

Get real!

The main problem with voting in this country is that so few qualified to vote actually do so. Voter turnout shows this.

We owe it to ourselves, and to each other, to make the effort.

Otherwise we end up with governments like we now have, that try to keep us from voting so that they can stay in office and further attack our faith in the basis of our democracy: representative self-government.

If you have an opinion about what government should or should not do, make sure to vote in every election.

Not voting is keeping your mouth shut at the only time when your opinion truly counts.

Michael McKernan

Benson, Arizona

Ryan understates meaning of 'outrage'

Rep. Paul Ryan stated that any targeting of groups by the Internal Revenue Service, whether left- or right-leaning, was "cause alone for outrage."

Ryan does not know the meaning of the word.

Outrage is being hit by a drunk driver and left permanently disabled.

Outrage is having your student loan discharged because of your disability and finding that the amount is taxable income, resulting in 85 percent of your Social Security income also being taxed.

Outrage is Congress focusing on allegedly "harmed" 501(c)4 groups while failing to consider the inequity and unfairness of taxing student loans discharged due to permanent disability.

It is a surety that none of the disabled individuals whose loans have been forgiven decided to become disabled.

When will Congress listen to and act for these taxpayers?

Margie Aira

Retired, Sierra Vista

Most voters are wise to congressional GOP

As an independent voter, I have only one word to describe what is really wrong with Congress: Republicans.

Made-up scandals (Internal Revenue Service, Benghazi, National Security Agency), mis-truths and non-facts that waste our tax dollars by debating and voting on bills that have no chance - abortion bills, 39 attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Please give us a break and represent your constituents like you are supposed to. Most voters are wise to this and I hope their disdain is shown during next year's elections. We need to move forward, not constantly backwards.

Wayne Kielsmeier

Business owner, Tucson

On global warming, we can't afford to wait

Re: the June 26 article "Obama, bypassing Congress, launches climate-change fight."

From raging forest fires to the worst drought since the Dust Bowl, far too many people and the places we love have been devastated by recent extreme weather events fueled by global warming. It's clear we can't afford to wait any longer.

That's why I applaud President Obama for working to fulfill his obligation to our children and grandchildren by addressing the causes of climate change and outlining a plan that includes the first-ever limits on carbon pollution from power plants.

Traditional power plants, which are responsible for almost 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, will no longer be able to spew unregulated amounts of pollution into our air.

We have a moral obligation to act for future generations and this is a strong first step.

Madeline Page


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