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Huckelberry's rationale on cameras ludicrous

Re: the May 18 article "County's speed cameras might go."

According to the article, Pima County has a program in place that reduces speeding, reduces car crashes, saves lives and even makes some money for the state and county. Also according to the article, Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry wants to end the program.

With this type of thinking, Huckelberry is proving that he is well-qualified for a long and successful career in ever higher political offices.

Matthew J. Scully

Engineer, Sahuarita

There's no bad side to speed cameras

Re: the May 18 article "County's speed cameras might go."

Chuck Huckelberry says that the speed cameras have served their purpose. People are obeying the speed laws and there are fewer accidents in areas that have the cameras. The Pima County will likely not renew the contract with American Traffic Solutions because the county does not make much money from ticketing violators.

I would argue that if the goal was only to make money, the cameras should be removed. However, given the positive side effect of reducing accidents, they should be allowed to remain. Removing them would likely result in people going back to their old habits.

Bill Kaufman


Fewer deaths can't be credited to cameras

Re: the May 22 editorial "County needs to keep its speed cameras in place."

Both the Daily Star and other writers appear to be continually ignoring the importance of understanding correlation versus causation. The 30-percent decline in the number of citations is data that likely demonstrates people are largely intelligent enough to ensure they are at the speed limit at the camera locations.

To draw a conclusion about their speed away from the cameras is leaping to a conclusion not supported by any data I have seen. Because there were no deadly accidents due to excessive speed last year, as stated in the editorial, does not mean the speed cameras were the cause of that good news.

I have seen no data in the press to support that the cameras are the cause. That is a correlation of speed camera existence and traffic death count where no causation is shown to exist.

Steve Cullumber

Retired engineer, Tucson

Gov't workers should pay 20% surcharge tax

As I surf through the pages of the Daily Star reading about city, county, state and federal budget woes, I think I have a solution.

When it comes to income taxes, add a 20 percent surcharge tax to any governmental employee to defray the costs of their raises, health care, paid vacations, paid sick leaves and retirement benefits.

As I see it, it is the wages of governmental employees and their fringe benefits that bust these budgets so it seems only fair that they be responsible for more of the burden of the resultant costs. In the foreseeable future, governmental jobs appear to be the best promise for any individual's financial security.

Jack Martin Jr.

Retired, Tucson

IRS scandal shows government's dark side

Re: the May 15 column "The other scandal: IRS failure to scrutinize political groups."

Ms. Marcus' concerns are well founded.

Following in the wake of the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United it now appears that IRS employees who are tasked to monitor abuse and misuse of dark money in politics can expect attacks from both sides of the political divide. Doing their job puts them at risk of losing their job, as retribution from either or both extremes of the political spectrum.

The stage is fully set to usher in the best government money can buy, as in best for those with the wherewithal to buy it.

For the rest of us, and the nation as a whole, instead of the best it may be the worst government, bound to bend to the will of the buyers.

Joseph L. McNully

Retired, Oro Valley

Racism underpins some attacks on Obama

I don't recall any president in my lifetime taking such heat in office as President Obama has, and is. Lets face it, many folks in this country and in this administration want him to fail and are giving him little support at being successful because he is a black man.

He is only 50 percent black. I would hate to see what it would be like if he were 100 percent black. Shame on us. Racism is very alive and well in this country.

Obama inherited a country in the toilet because of previous administrations led by white folks. Even another white president could not have turned the economy around immediately.

Ted Gemoets

Retired, Tucson

Wastewater-facility bill a welcome move

After a long dispute between Pima County and Marana over a wastewater-reclamation facility, an agreement was approved by Marana voters giving the town the ability to take possession of and operate the wastewater treatment plant. HB 2492, signed by Gov. Jan Brewer, received nearly unanimous support in the Legislature.

The bill removes the authority of a municipality to acquire any portion of wastewater utilities owned or operated by the county. It contains a conditional enactment clause that requires the Town of Marana and Pima County to reach a settlement agreement on or before July 1, 2014. This requirement has been met and the bill should prevent similar future disagreements.

The citizens of Marana and Pima County deserved a resolution. The successful settlement agreement reached has paved the way for both parties to successfully chart the future of their respective economies.

Adam Kwasman

State representative, Oro Valley

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