Re: the April 2 article “D-M neighbors ask judge to order full impact study of flight noise”

I could not stand idly by when I read the article

regarding neighbors who are suing the Air Force about noise at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. This is an ongoing issue with this microscopic minority in the Tucson community.

So here are some hard facts about noise at D-M you might find interesting. In 2013 and 2016, the DM50, which supports the base, commissioned extensive surveys by an independent firm on issues related to D-M. Both surveys showed 92% support a military presence in Tucson.

And regarding noise, here is a more alarming fact: In 2016, DMAFB conducted 58,000 flight operations. These missions generated 546 official noise complaints at D-M (less than 1 percent of all flights). Of these 546 complaints, 297 (54 percent) came from a small handful of individuals!

To our friends in the Tucson community, D-M is celebrating its 90th birthday and it has been a long-term partner in Tucson. Please continue to support D-M and don’t let this minuscule  minority threaten a $1.5 billion asset to this region.

Bob Logan

President of DM50



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