The electoral college should be abolished, period. It is an outdated system with origins in how the Catholic Church selects the pope. Some of the reasoning behind the Electoral College was to allow only " educated gentlemen" to select the president.

As it stands today, the voters in the state of Wyoming have almost 4 times the representation per person than the state of California. If California had the same population representation in the Electoral College it would be granted over 190 electoral votes. There is no sound reason for voters in Wyoming to have more electoral power than those in California, Ohio or Texas. Smaller states are already granted disproportionate federal power in the Senate.

We elect state governors via the popular vote. We do not use individual precinct or county totals to send "educated gentlemen" to state capitals to make our decisions for us. The presidency should be no different and arguments to the contrary are either ill-informed or strictly partisan in their rationale.

Todd Smyth



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