Re: the Nov. 22 letter "2016 Presidential Popular Vote"

If one was to take the author’s position seriously one would have to say it’s wrong for Arizona to have one county that has enough voters to dwarf the voters in the rest of the state, thus we need to protect the other countiess with, say, a one-vote-per-county system wherein each county wins or loses its position on electing a governor by an electoral vote of one vote per county?

The author’s idea is clearly undemocratic, as is the Electoral College. One could apply it to many jurisdictions but it remains undemocratic. The Electoral College was created to protect the founder class against the will of the popular vote and protect the nation from the whims of the people at any given time. Now is the time for the Electoral College to do what it was designed to do and keep this maniac — Donald Trump — out of the White House. Anyone who refuses Intelligence briefings and gets his intel from "other sources" is clearly a danger to the country.

Donald Shelton

Northwest side