Re: the Nov. 27 letter "Maybe Greg Hansen is just mean"

As a long-time reader of the sports section and a retired editor, I rise to the defense of Greg Hansen. His sports columns are among the best in the paper. He covers a wide range of sporting endeavors. His columns are well researched and factually well supported. He includes historical perspective. He almost always includes human interest in his writing. It's unusual to find touching personal stories in a sports section, but Hansen frequently provides them. In short, "mean-spirited" is just about the last description I would apply to Greg Hansen's writing.

In the history of UA football, some year's teams are worse than others. Although opinion may differ about which team it is, one team is always the worst of all. Hansen's surmise that this year's team might be that one does not disparage the desire or the effort of this year's players.

Jill Dean

Northwest side


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