Rep. Raúl Grijalva would rather save the border environment than save border lives. Never mind that lawsuits against a border wall have been previously denied. So, his current environmental position is hypocritical. Just another political opportunist.

Is Raúl happy that many human lives have already been saved as a result of the dramatic reduction in the number of crossers in recent months? Is he happy that drug runners are finding it more difficult to find “mules” to carry drugs across the border? Is he happy that fewer unaccompanied children are making a dangerous journey into an uncertain future? Is he optimistic that public-school-achievement scores will rise as more Arizona tax dollars are available for American children? Is he happy that more public-assistance dollars will be available to American taxpayers? No!

Arizonans don’t believe that the administration’s approach to the southern border is “fanatical.” The only thing fanatical is Grijalva’s blindness to the facts.

Warren Joblin

Green Valley


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