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Re: the August 21 column "Limited prison or minimal prison? Voters' choice."

In a recent column about the race for Pima County Attorney, Tim Steller incorrectly notes the Democratic primary “will likely decide the winner because there’s no Republican challenger” and alleges this race “is not a get-tough-on-crime campaign.” First, the public is misled if they think the primary is going to decide the race. I'll be on the November ballot as a Green Party candidate and I present a challenge to whomever wins the primary. This race is far from over.

Second, I do have a tough-on-crime campaign — tough on environmental crime and tough on crimes against pedestrians and motorists. I will aggressively prosecute those who violate environmental regulations that protect our community and I will not allow motorists who run down pedestrians and cyclists get away with those crimes with a slap on the wrist or no prosecution at all. As Pima County Attorney I will give those in our community who ride bikes and walk our streets the equal protection of that office.

Cyndi Tuell


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