Re: the March 19 article "Public money shouldn't go to Planned Parenthood"

It amazes me that an argument against Planned Parenthood, is based on the thought that, those who oppose abortion should not have to pay for them. So, logic follows that, since I am opposed to our military killing innocents or other combatants, then funding should  be cut for the military as well.

When we look at things through only one point of view, our arguments seem to justify that point of view. But let us not be myopic when looking at an organization that has been there for so many people throughout the years.

His other argument, that governmental clinics can take up the slack -- has he not seen the budget proposal from the current administration? Funds for health care could be far and few between what will be needed to take up the slack. I can only imagine that if cuts are made, it will affect these clinics in a very negative way.

James Youngquist

East side


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