Re: the August 21 article "More than half of Arizona high-schoolers have tried e-cigarettes, youth survey finds."

As an ex-45-year smoking addict, I am now a nicotine-free, vaping 62-year-old woman with a daughter who makes juices for e-cigarettes. I offer a different prospective to the article about teen vaping.

I believe teens choose e-cigarettes over regular cigarettes due more to high costs than advertising. Cigarettes are $8-plus per pack.

I have friends around my age trying out various flavors. I go into the smoke shop and see 20-to-60-somethings trying coffee, fruit and desert flavors. My daughter started vaping after I did and makes sweet and savory flavors. She's 35 and she and her peers do not try to appeal to teens. In fact they discuss ethical behavior, help people stop smoking and encourage reducing nicotine levels. They voluntarily put age restrictions on bottles. Teens will smoke. I'd rather see teens vaping than smoking cigarettes.

Mary Ball