Re: the Nov. 23 letter "Which lives matter?"

This letter was, perhaps, the most important letter I have ever read in the Arizona Daily Star. Important because it points to the fundamental reason that separates us on so many other issues. Issues such as abortion and same sex marriage, to name only a few. The fundamental issue that the author raised, although unintentional, is this: "Who gets to be God"?

He states, "I prefer my God to be…" There are those of us who would never consider creating God to be, who we "prefer Him to be". For that makes us the creator and God the created. Rather, we prefer God to be the creator and instead ask the question, "who does God prefer me to be"?

"Who gets to be God"— me or God — that is a question that seems to provide its own answer, but has been asked since man began.

David Kral

Northwest side


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