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Re: the Nov. 28 letter "Popular vote for President"

Using the national popular vote for electing the president is a "really, really bad idea" according to the letter's author. Los Angeles County, for example, would carry disproportionate weight in determining the outcome of the presidential election as its population of 10 million provided Hillary Clinton with a 1.5 million vote plurality.

On the other hand, the vote total for Texas, Ohio and Florida (combined population of 58 million) provided Donald Trump with a 1.4 million vote plurality. But why single out LA County in this regard? The vote total for seven densely populated counties (total population of 11.8 million) in the aforementioned states provided Clinton with a 1.4 million vote plurality. Perhaps votes in all densely populated areas should be discounted, including the counties of Miami-Dade, Cuyahoga and Travis.

Tom House



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