Gov. Doug Ducey’s announcement of a 60 percent higher education goal by 2030 is commendable. However, he made no commitment to the increased funding necessary to make it a reality.

Arizona has cut all funding for community colleges in Pima and Maricopa counties and slashed funding to the state’s public universities. Since the recession, tuition has risen more in Arizona than in any other state, leaving many students unable to pursue a post-secondary degree.

As the executive director of Students for Affordable Tuition, our group is working to change the conversation behind education funding by encouraging people to share their stories of how student debt is affecting them.

If the voters are serious about increasing the number of Arizonans who pursue education beyond high school, they should support candidates like Kirsten Engel who will make education funding a priority. And if the Governor is serious, he should propose a budget that enables universities to keep tuition low and students from all walks of life to succeed.

Chetan Bafna