There are more than 64 million Americans who are somewhat, moderately, or 100 percent freaked out by the fact that Donald J. Trump will become their president. On Nov. 9, we awoke to an America that we did not know. We feel blindsided, confused, and downright sad. How could this happen? America has elected a bully who has openly mocked the disabled, degraded women, and incited hate and fear against minorities. As our president-elect, he behaves like an undisciplined, unprepared, thin-skinned child who takes to Twitter to defend his policies, threaten his adversaries, and spread his lies. (No, Mr. Trump, you did not win the popular vote.)

Words matter. I am just one of the many citizens of this great country who will continue to speak out for what I believe in: an America that is decent, inclusive, fair, kind and just. And if my words make Trump supporters a little uncomfortable—I’m okay with that.

Elisabeth Brookover

Oro Valley